03/16/2020 16h02

InvestSP assists multinational Teadit to build new plant in the state of São Paulo

Manufacturer of industrial sealing solutions to build a plant in Itatiba


Teadit, a Brazilian multinational that produces industrial sealing solutions, will build a new plant in the city of Itatiba, in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas. It will be the largest and most modern plant of the group, which will be completed by the end of 2021. The company decided to acquire an industrial warehouse, which after renovation and modernization, will cover an area between 20,000 and 25,000 square meters and will house around 400 employees.

The company relies on the support from InvestSP to make sure that the schedule for the implementation of the works is respected. The agency’s team has been providing infrastructure and environmental advice at this initial stage of the investment project.

“Teadit’s investment announcement is very important to us. It is a company that supplies products to several industrial sectors in Brazil and worldwide, and this helps to densify the supply chain in the state of São Paulo and make it more competitive,” said the president of InvestSP, Wilson Mello.

The group, which operates seven industrial plants in several countries, including Austria, Germany and the USA, already has a plant in Campinas and holds 70% of the Brazilian market for industrial sealing products and expansion joints. Large part of the new investment will be used for the acquisition of domestic and imported machinery and equipment, which will bring to the unit the latest in the production of industrial sealing.

With the recovery of the Brazilian economy, the company identified the need to increase its installed capacity in the country and decided to invest. “This new unit prepares Teadit for the future, we believe in the recovery of the country’s economic growth and the expansion of exports,” said the COO of Teadit Group, Renato Pizza.

During the process of choosing the location of the project, the municipal administration of Itatiba provided Teadit with the necessary information for the city to be chosen to receive the unit. “For three months, they monitored our health care units, public safety, municipal schools, road conditions, water and electricity supply and other aspects and understood that Itatiba would be the appropriate place for the new plant,” said the mayor of Itatiba, Douglas Augusto Pinheiro de Oliveira.

About the Teadit Group

The Teadit Group operates seven production plants: two in Brazil, one in the USA, Austria, Germany, Argentina and India. The company provides sealing solutions for various industrial sectors worldwide. Investing in research and development for decades, its products have the latest technology and offer perfect operational functioning, protecting the environment and thousands of people against the leakage of aggressive chemical fluids.