12/02/2021 14h01

InvestSP and State Economic Development Office announce the first 10 startups of the SP Global internationalization program

Retailtechs, fintechs, edtechs, agtechs, and foodtechs will be able to take on market share in Europe


InvestSP and the São Paulo State Economic Development Office announced last Friday (12th) the companies selected for the SP Global, the Acceleration Program for the Internationalization of Startups from São Paulo. The idea is to prepare startups for the international market, which strengthens the State Government's strategy to seek new business partners and make local companies more competitive.

Ten startups were selected out of over 100 registered, and they include retailtechs, fintechs, edtechs, agtechs, and foodtechs. The objective of the internationalization process is to make sure they take on one of the following main markets: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain).

“The State of São Paulo is the main Brazilian innovation hub, so much so that most unicorns in Brazil are born here. We have incredible talents and a rich ecosystem. And InvestSP's support should be decisive for the startups to have accelerated international growth and for the State to stand out more and more as an innovation hub,” said Gustavo Diniz Junqueira, president of InvestSP.

On November 22nd, the 10 selected startups will officially start the Program, which is completely free and online.

On the 24th, an open Masterclass will be held, so not only the 10 selected startups will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the subject, but anyone who signs up. Another highlight will be the launch of one of the program’s differentials – a self-diagnostic internationalization planning tool.

SP Global is structured in three phases: training, immersion, and scaling-out. In the first stage, entrepreneurs receive information and knowledge to improve their business models, including mentoring in the conduction of market analyses, which enable them to define which country should be the main focus of actions.

In the immersion phase, meetings will be held with players from target markets to validate ideas and create a network of contacts, which will allow them to identify strengths and opportunities and advance in the development of the internationalization plan.

Finally, in the scaling-out stage, the startup puts this plan into practice with ongoing monitoring and support from InvestSP to ensure that the business grows in a structured way.

Here is the list of the 10 startups selected for SP Global:


Development of sensors embedded in tractors to collect images and information for producers, mapping the orchard. The sensors do not require any human intervention.


Training of employees through WhatsApp or another platform. ChatClass has developed a chatbot that teaches sales, operations, behavioral skills, compliance, and many other skills to employees who are in day-to-day operations.


Fintech that specializes in providing smart credit and financial services to micro, small, and medium-sized companies, operating in Brazil with a business model in which each accountant is a business agent focused on serving companies, partners, and employees.


A mobile marketplace of homemade meals. It connects families who love to cook and are looking for additional income or even a main income with people who want to have food made with care, at a fair price, at lunch.


It helps companies transform the learning environment into a fun and innovative experience through interactive techniques, knowledge trails, and data, involving each type of audience in a unique immersion scenario and increasing learning, engagement, and productivity rates.


Startup that specializes in apps for urban mobility, delivery, and services that operate in the SaaS Whitelabel and Tech Base Franchise format. It focuses on small towns where the top apps are not available.


It develops technologies for retail automation, focusing on autonomous stores for condominiums and companies. Its proprietary technology allows a fluid and safe shopping experience for users, making it easier for consumers.


It transforms retail communication at the POS through a technology that allows the organization of processes to smoothly create offers. It generates promotional labels, posters, digital communication, audit and measurement of campaign results, in order to standardize communication and avoid discrepancies.


People Analytics platform for people and culture development. It helps companies transform themselves through their self-knowledge and development tools, using technology and data analysis to learn the profiles and understand the employees’ experience, promoting a connection between the company’s purpose and these people’s purpose.


It is in its DNA to make people’s relationships smooth, through the use of some technologies, such as AI, ML, Computer Vision, and Authentication/Identification by Biometrics, among others. It can operate in segments such as retail, education, healthcare, access control (gates), and payment methods.