10/21/2021 15h05

InvestSP and BDCo launch guide to teach Brazilians how to invest in China


On Thursday, September 2, InvestSP and BDCo launched the China Investment Guide. Prepared to celebrate two years of operation of InvestSP in Shanghai, the document provides an overview of the Chinese business environment and helps Brazilian entrepreneurs to understand the differences between the way of doing business in Brazil and China.

The launch of the guide was marked by an online event that promoted a panel in which China’s new political and economic guidelines were debated and how they can generate business opportunities for companies from São Paulo wishing to start their operations in the Asian giant.

The publication addresses the instances of power in China, its economic scenario, national strategy policies in the long-term and the environment for foreign investment. The document also details the flows and different phases for making the investment required by the new Foreign Investment Law in China.

“Our international presence aims to increasingly place São Paulo at the forefront of business opportunities in the global market. This guide, developed together with BDCo, will help entrepreneurs from São Paulo to understand the paths foreign investment takes in China,” said the president of InvestSP, Gustavo Junqueira.

The guide goes straight to the point in 40 pages with a clear and easy-to-understand language. Its distribution is free and can be downloaded here or on the website of InvestSP.

“In recent years, China has consolidated itself as a country with a qualified workforce, economic vitality, a positive and open attitude, maturity in infrastructure, stability and political predictability with a market of 700 million consumers. It migrated from an industrial economy to an economy based on services, technology and innovation. InvestSP Shanghai offers a unique opportunity for São Paulo’s business community to access this market in a structured and solid manner,” concluded the CEO of BDCo, Lúcio Di Domenico.

More than 50 entrepreneurs accessed the transmission of the event to launch the guide, which was attended by the Executive Secretary of the State Department for International Relations, ambassador Affonso Massot, the former ambassador of Brazil to China, Marcos Caramuru, the director of InvestSP’s office in Shanghai, Jose Mario Antunes, InvestSP’s investment projects director, Leonardo Machado, and InvestSP’s investment attraction coordinator in Shanghai, Steve Miao.