04/10/2018 14h18

Investe SP promoted meeting with municipalities and entrepreneurs of São José do Rio Preto

Event presented services and courses offered free of charge for the development of businesses of all sizes

Investe São Paulo

On Wednesday, April 3rd. in São José do Rio Preto, Investe São Paulo promoted the tenth of a series of meetings with entrepreneurs and municipal administrators to be held in each of the 17 administrative regions of the state of São Paulo.

The purpose of the meeting was to present to the business owners, entrepreneurs and investors of São José do Rio Preto the services offered free of charge by the state government to accelerate the economy of the region: such as the provision of strategic information for those who intend to make productive investments; training on exports; advisory services for newly opened companies and courses of the Virtual University of the State of São Paulo (Univesp).

As for the municipal administrators, the meeting allowed them to strengthen the partnership with the participating institutions and think of joint actions to be developed together throughout the year.

The topics covered were:

The role of Investe São Paulo in the promotion of investments in the State of São Paulo: the services provided by Investe SP to encourage, facilitate and expedite the establishment of productive investments in the state; how municipal governments can organize themselves to better assist investors and take advantage of the agency’s services in this process;

Industrial Export Extension Project – PEIEX: training program created by Apex-Brazil and operationalized by Investe São Paulo, which helps small and medium companies in São Paulo to initiate or improve their activities in foreign trade;

Chega Mais: action promoted by the Board of Trade of the State of São Paulo (JUCESP) to increase the longevity of small enterprises recently opened in the state through the provision of online training courses and support by specialized experts;

Human capital: expansion of the Virtual University of the State of São Paulo (Univesp): on-campus access centers and continuous growth of the quality and access to distance-learning courses offered by the entity.

Pro-municipalities platform: technology and knowledge at the service of public administration (IPT):  learn more about the tool that connects public administrators with the technical knowledge of the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) in engineering and technology, assisting in the planning, management and execution of public policies and in the decision-making.


About Investe

Investe São Paulo – the Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo, associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, is the gateway for companies that intend to settle their operations in the state or expand their businesses.

The agency provides strategic information free of charge, helping investors find the best locations for their businesses, providing environmental, tax and infrastructure advice, facilitating the relationship of companies with government institutions and public utilities. All this with the purpose of promoting economic development and innovation in São Paulo.

Another important mission of Investe SP is to encourage exports from small and medium enterprises, also for free. The Agency is also responsible for prospecting new businesses for the state around the world, welcoming foreign delegations and promoting the image of São Paulo in Brazil and abroad as the main destination of companies in Latin America.

For more information and news, please visit the Investe SP’s website and its profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.