08/29/2016 11h13

Investe SP and the Arab Chamber enter into a cooperation agreement and organize mission with companies from São Paulo

Middle East market has sovereign funds amounting to US$ 3 trillion that can generate investments

Investe São Paulo
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    The Middle East is a potential market for products from São Paulo

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    The cooperation agreement was executed between Investe São Paulo and the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

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    As a practical result of the agreement, a trade mission will be organized to export products from São Paulo

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    This is the seventh agreement executed by Investe São Paulo this year

On August 2, Investe São Paulo and the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) entered into an agreement seeking to establish investment promotion actions between companies from São Paulo and the Arab countries. A trade mission will be held to open the doors of the Middle East to companies from São Paulo.

The president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, and the president of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Marcelo Nabih Sallum, already agreed on practical measures to increase the trade volume between the state of São Paulo and the 22 Arab countries that integrate the Chamber.

Sallum showed interest in appointing representatives in the events of Poupatempo do Exportador (a public service developed to provide streamlined support to exporters), conducted by Investe SP across the state to encourage exports. “We will identify the opportunities, because it is possible to expand the trade between São Paulo and the Arab world,” said the president of the Chamber.

Juan Quirós contacted the export sector of Investe SP, which already identified new business opportunities in the events to be held in Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. “We will promote a trade mission and implement many projects for the companies from São Paulo, which will generate more jobs and income for the state,” said Quirós.

According to Michel Alaby, secretary general of the ABCC, São Paulo has a strategic importance in the trade relations between the Arab countries and Brazil. “For being one of the most important states in the country and for historically having a very strong connection with the Arab people, the cooperation agreement is very important,” said the secretary general of the CCAB.

Through cooperation agreements, Investe São Paulo has a network of partners around the world that seeks to assist entrepreneurs from countries interested in investing in the state of São Paulo and work as a bridge between the institutions, such as the ABCC, with which Investe São Paulo has contact, and the companies from São Paulo.

Ambassador Osmar Chohfi, who has conducted missions with Juan Quirós when the president of Investe SP was ahead of Apex, sees great new business opportunities at this moment. Rubens Hannun, Vice President of Foreign Trade of the Chamber and Temer Mansour, Government Relations Manager, are already working in this direction. The agreement signing ceremony was attended by the Executive Secretary Nuhad Aparecida Skaff and journalist Aurea Santos.

The agreement is another result of the efforts promoted by the department of institutional and international relations of Investe São Paulo, which was represented at the meeting by its director, Sérgio Costa, and the investment analyst, Rafael Murgi. This was the seventh cooperation agreement signed by Investe SP this year.