12/04/2013 15h47

Investe São Paulo launches company webtool to assist partner searching

“Find a Business Partner” allows free of charge relaying of announcements and searches for partership opportunities

Investe São Paulo
New webtool was designed for easier access to the entrepreneurship world

There are many enterprises facing trouble putting their businesses together because they can’t find the right partner to help them. To aid in the solution of this problem by finding partners, investors, representatives and distributors, Investe São Paulo (Paulista Agency of Promotion of Competitivity and Investments) has created a new, free of charge tool called “Find a Business Partner”, which is available on www.encontreumsocio.com.br. The English version for foreign investors will be launched soon at: www.findabusinesspartner.com.br.

The site was made based on the concept of matchmaking, which means, in the corporative world, a tool made for helping “marriages” that generate businesses. The new site is set to be released during the award ceremony of the II Investe São Paulo Award. During that event, the new website for the company itself is also going to be presented, containing many new features which make the website much more user-friendly. Both websites are set to start operating by Thursday (December 5th).

According to Luciano Almeida, CEO of Investe São Paulo, Find A Business Partner saves time and resources to any investor that uses the tool. “It is very common that foreigners come to Brazil in order to search for business partners, but usually they don’t know where to begin from. This tool permits that this search be made from anywhere around the world, in a much quicker and simple way”, he explains.

Announcements are exposed on the homepage sorted by updating order. The opportunities, however, do not contain all of the details of the announcing company – only the acting sector and the object of search of the company, along with a brief description of the business.

When another company signals interest for the announcing company or sends a private message, whoever announced it receives an alert. From there, the announcing company can choose if it will of will not relay any more data about themselves, for the contact to be made outside of the website. It is also possible to maintain a conversation concerning only the project in question while the companies remain “annonnymous”.

Since the tool’s goal is to incentivate business happenings in São Paulo, any Brazilian companies that are not from the state area are unable to make any announcements, limited to searching for existing announcements only. Companies that are not from Brazil, however, are free to make and search for announcements.