12/21/2018 11h45

Investe São Paulo is the best worldwide investment attraction agency according to fDi Intelligence

Study center of the Financial Times group evaluated 112 investor-supporting entities from around the world

Investe São Paulo

Agência Paulista de Promoção de Investimentos e Competitividade – Investe São Paulo was named 2018’s best investor-supporting entity. The "FDI Strategy Awards - 2018" evaluation was conducted by fDi Intelligence, a service of the Financial Times group. The center is focused on managing information related to foreign direct investment, investment promotion and economic development.

The judging panel analyzed 112 investor-supporting entities from around the world. The evaluation included the entities registered from October 2017 to October 2018.

Investe São Paulo was also ranked as the best investment incentive policy advocate due to the interconnection work it carries out between the companies and the Government of the State of São Paulo.

"This year, São Paulo was recognized as the best state in Latin America to invest in. Now, Investe SP was awarded as the best investment promotion agency of 2018. This shows that the State of São Paulo is doing a good job in making the companies establish their activities and find a favorable business environment," said Marcos Monteiro, president of Investe São Paulo.

Another positive result for the State was that the city of São José dos Campos was chosen as the best place do business in the aerospace industry. The city in Vale do Paraíba has a complete supply chain comprised of companies of various sizes, in addition to being the base to the Brazilian aerospace cluster and Embraer. Investe SP works to attract investments to the aerospace industry in this and other regions. In total, seven companies invested over R$ 500 million in São Paulo with the Agency's support.

"The recognition was not a stroke of luck. When establishing the strategic planning of Investe São Paulo, one of our objectives was to make the State and the agency global references in attracting investments. The award is very positive for our daily work, because it gives us more strength to show investors the good reasons to choose São Paulo," concluded Sérgio Costa, director of Investe São Paulo.