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Hyundai’s expansion for the production of Creta was assisted by Investe SP

Company makes new investments in its plant in Piracicaba for the production of the SUV Hyundai Creta and believes the industry will recover

Investe São Paulo

The unit of Hyundai Motor Brasil (HMB), which exclusively produced models of the HB20 series, recently started producing the brand’s new SUV model Hyundai Creta.The sales are the result of an additional investment of US$ 130 million in the expansion of the automotive plant in Piracicaba.

The investment project relied on the support provided by Investe São Paulo, the investment and export promotion agency that has been assisting Hyundai since the beginning of negotiations for the establishment of plant in Brazil.Ricardo Martins, director of Hyundai Motor Brasil highlights:“Thanks to the technical and government support of Investe SP, Hyundai managed to have these new investments approved in record time.”

The US$ 130 million investment was used to adapt the production line, enabling the assembly of HB20 and Hyundai Creta in the same line.

“Hyundai’s investments show that the automotive industry should start growing again in 2017. Only at Investe SP, we should announce, by the end of the year, investments of two other clients that are still under confidentiality agreement,” said the agency’s director, Ermínio Lucci.These two new projects should amount to, in total, R$ 1.7 billion and create approximately 800 jobs.

With the expansion, he says that the agency has assisted, in total, four projects of HMB.The latest project, announced in 2015, was that of the first R&D center of the company in the southern hemisphere, which should start operations soon and involved a US$ 25 million investment.

The laboratory is focused on the specific features of the flex-fuel engine used in Brazil, which is currently imported for the vehicles of Hyundai in Piracicaba.Thus, as soon as it is ready, the structure will feature laboratories to test the performance and durability of engines, the reduction of emissions and the improvement of the energy efficiency and the start of engines at low temperatures, critical for fuels such as ethanol.

In addition to providing support in the construction of the basic production unit and the laboratory, Investe SP also assisted Hyundai in the implementation of the machinery required for the stamping of doors, fenders and hoods of the HB20.

The company has been in Piracicaba for six years. Together, Hyundai and its suppliers have generated approximately 5,000 direct jobs and 20,000 indirect jobs in the city and other regions.

Check out the cornerstone ceremony of Hyundai’s R&D center here.

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Hyundai Motor Brasil has been in the country since 2012, when it opened its plant in Piracicaba (SP), with an investment of US$ 700 million.With capacity to produce up to 180,000 cars per year, operating in three shifts, the automaker has 2,700 employees and is responsible for the production and sale of the vehicle family developed especially for the Brazilian consumer, which includes HB20, HB20X, HB20S and HB20 R spec.In 2017, the company initiated the domestic production of the compact SUV Hyundai Creta with an exclusive version for Brazil, and an additional investment of US$130 million.Hyundai closed 2016 among the four largest companies in auto sales in Brazil, modifying, for the first time in 40 years, the so-called “Big 4,” a group made up of the same four companies since 1976.For more information about Hyundai Motor Brasil and its products, please visit: www.hyundai.com.br.Follow the daily routine of the brand on social networks: www.facebook.com/hyundaibr.Customer Service (SAC): 0800 770 3355.

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