07/10/2019 11h50

GreenYellow will invest R$ 40 million to build 2 solar power plants in São Paulo

The company chose the cities of Penápolis and Barbosa to build its new units in Brazil. Together, the plants will have 10 MWp of installed capacity


GreenYellow, a French company that has been in Brazil for 6 years now, will invest R$ 40 million in the state of São Paulo to build two solar power plants in the country. The units will be built in the cities of Penápolis and Barbosa, both in São Paulo, approximately 570 km from the state capital, and together they will have 10MWp of installed capacity.

“The two new units to be built in the state of São Paulo virtually double our production capacity in the country and position the company as one of the great groups in Brazil in the production of clean energy and in the management of energy efficiency projects. We are happy to announce this investment in São Paulo and contribute to the expansion of the energy infrastructure and the diversification of the state and national headquarters,” said Pierre-Yves Mourgue, president of GreenYellow in Brazil.

GreenYellow specializes in energy solutions with the purpose of reducing energy costs and generating more efficiency for its customers. Present in seven countries, the company has more than 1,600 energy efficiency projects in operation and more than 120 MWp of installed capacity. In Brazil since 2013, GreenYellow administrates 900 energy efficiency projects and has 9 solar power plants built in the form of distributed generation.

InvestSP, the Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo, has been advising GreenYellow since the beginning of the two projects, providing support in the environmental and infrastructure areas. “The projects of GreenYellow plants are internally classified as a green economy. This is just one example of what this sector can bring to São Paulo, and they demonstrate all the potential that the state has to offer the necessary conditions for other similar initiatives to be implemented here,” said Wilson Mello Neto, president of InvestSP.