12/02/2021 14h04

First Estrella Galicia brewery outside Spain will be based in the State of São Paulo

With InvestSP’s support, the company plans to invest R$ 2 billion in Araraquara


The Spanish corporation Hijos de Rivera, the owner of the Estrella Galicia beer brand, announced that São Paulo will house the company's first and only factory outside Spain. It will be built in Araraquara, a city about 270 kilometers from the capital.

InvestSP, São Paulo’s Investment Promotion Agency, is assisting the group in the project implementation. It has helped the brewery to find an area that met the needs for the installation of the new factory and attended environmental meetings related to water availability, a key issue for the plant's operation.

“Choosing Araraquara for the first Estrella Galicia brewery outside Spain shows the competitiveness of the state of São Paulo in attracting investments. Four hundred new jobs will be created at the unit, impacting the entire economy in the region in a positive way. The environment is another important point in the brewery implementation. We have been looking for projects that sustainably develop their businesses, as this will guarantee the growth of the São Paulo economy in the long term,” said Gustavo Diniz Junqueira, president of InvestSP.

Hijos de Rivera group’s plan is for the new production unit to be a sustainable factory model in the environmental sphere, adopting good practices from the raw material to the customers' consumption experience, with the commitment of generating wealth and prosperity for the community.

The Araraquara plant will be a state-of-the-art unit in terms of sustainability, having the same technologies that enabled the brand to achieve the zero-carbon emission goal in its main facilities at the beginning of the year. This achievement was possible due to the implementation of a cleaner energy matrix, with biogas generation, use of renewable energies, photovoltaic plants, and hybrid vehicles, for example.

The estimated investment in the construction of the unit, which should be ready by the end of 2023, is R$ 2 billion. At least 400 jobs should be created for the plant operation.

“I am very happy with this important step for our company – our second factory in the world, in Brazil. It is without a doubt a dream and we hope that, together, we can make it come true in 2023,” said Ignacio Rivera, Global CEO of Estrella Galicia.

Estrella Galicia has been selling its products in the Brazilian market since 2011, with a current sales volume of around 160,000 hectoliters per year. When the Araraquara plant is completed, the production capacity will be 3 million hectoliters per year.