07/05/2016 12h11

Exports to overcome the crisis

Investe São Paulo and other export support institutions presented solutions for companies in the workshop promoted at IPT

Investe São Paulo with information from IPT
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According to Ricardo Santana, Export Manager of Investe SP, Brazil has approximately 20,000 exporters, and almost 50% of this number is concentrated in São Paulo

In times of crisis, export emerges as one of the possible alternatives to ensure the survival of companies and accelerate the economy. The state of São Paulo has dedicated constant efforts to support its organizations, especially the micro, small and medium enterprises in this export initiative. The workshop “Success stories in exports: challenges and solutions,” held on June 30 at the Institute of Technological Research (IPT), with the participation of Investe São Paulo, integrates a coordinated action to expand the international sales of companies from São Paulo and Brazil.

The event brought together entrepreneurs who shared their success stories and, in addition to Investe SP, the following institutions that offer support programs were able to present their fields of action: the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), São Paulo Development Agency (Desenvolve SP) and IPT, which, through the Technological Support Program for Exports (Progex), focuses on the technical adaptation of the products and processes to enable their clients to meet the requirements of foreign markets. The Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (SDECTI) was represented by the chief of staff, Maurício Juvenal.

According to Ricardo Santana, Export Manager of Investe SP, Brazil has approximately 20,000 exporters, and almost 50% of this number is concentrated in the state of São Paulo. However, over 75% of exports in the country are concentrated in only 244 companies. To give a response to this scenario and strengthen exports, the Agency created the SP Export program, focused on the qualification of companies and the promotion of their products abroad. “One of the most requested subjects by the companies is the adequacy of products, and IPT is a great partner in this area, doing an excellent job,” he said.

According to Mari Katayama, director of the Center of Technological Support to Small and Medium Enterprises of IPT, Progex is a tool for those who want to start or strengthen their exports. “Similar to large companies, small enterprises also need to overcome the technical requirements and survive in the market. The rules are the same, such as having quality and competitive prices”.

IPT’s program assists organizations with turnover of up to R$ 90 million per year, in a fast and less bureaucratic manner, offering support in the fulfillment of the technical standards, qualification for certification, adaptation of packaging and cost reduction, among other aspects that the foreign markets will require. “Through the partnership with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo, the service is provided with non-reimbursable funds of up to 90%, while the company pays the minimum of 10% of the service”.

One of the companies that relied on the support provided by Progex and shared its experience at the event was Fanem, engaged in the production of electromedical equipment and responsible for 90% of Brazilian exports in the field of neonatology, supplying to more than 100 countries. “The support from Progex was fantastic. Almost all of our products were certified thanks to the program,” said Djalma Rodrigues, director of the company. IPT has experience in the field of medical and dental equipment: According to Mari Katayama, out of the 160 companies from São Paulo in the segment, 110 have already received contributions from Progex.

When it comes to export, partnership is essential, both between companies and research and funding institutions and between the companies themselves. According to Vaclav Soukup Filho, from Sweet Hair, which developed the first powder shampoo in the world, “no small or medium company is able to organize a showroom alone at an event in France.” However, by bringing together companies in the same production chain, for example, it is possible to create an integrated space for the dissemination of the products.

The president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, complimented IPT’s initiative: “This action reveals the increasing involvement of the entities associated with the state government in the determination of the governor Geraldo Alckmin towards a concentrated effort in exports as an alternative to overcome the economic difficulties faced in the country,” he said.