04/15/2021 13h00

Equinix invests US$ 59 million in the expansion of its data centers in São Paulo

Digital infrastructure company intensifies investments to meet high demand in the country InvestSP


Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, opened, at the end of February, the third expansion phase of the International Bussiness ExchangeTM (IBX®) SP4 data center, in Barueri, metropolitan region of São Paulo.

To provide a global interconnection platform that meets the growing demand in the country, the company continually invests in the expansion of its operations.The contribution to the SP4 data center amounted to US$ 59 million (approximately R$ 320 million).

“Investments were already planned before the Covid-19 pandemic and were maintained despite the economic turmoil to ensure that the companies’ growing demand for connectivity and access services to clouds, suppliers and partners are met,” said Eduardo Carvalho, president of Equinix in Brazil."As a global IT infrastructure company, Equinix is at the core of digital transformation,” he concluded.

“We have a great relationship and we follow all Equinix investment projects in the state of São Paulo.The company operates in a strategic sector and provides a very important service for the technology and innovation sector.Our ecosystem gains in competitiveness with this investment,” said Wilson Mello, president of InvestSP.

Equinix also invests in the expansion of SP3 and in the construction of the SP5 data center, both in Santana de Parnaíba.With an investment of US$ 25 million, the third expansion phase of SP3 data center provides for an additional 1,050 racks and an additional colocation area of 3,475 m2. SP5x, next to SP3, will be the company’s first xScale data center in the Americas and will have 505 racks in its first phase, with investments totaling US$ 52 million.The construction works began in 2020 and should be completed in the third quarter of 2021.

Following international sustainability criteria, IBX predominantly use renewable energy sources.The SP4 also has a high-efficiency free cooling system (cooling from the difference between internal and external temperature) and hot aisle containment enclosure, providing even greater energy efficiency.