02/01/2018 16h16

Electric bicycle maker sets up factory in São Bernardo with the support from Investe SP

Project developed by EBMS - Brazilian Sustainable Mobility Company – aims to reach a production volume of 30,000 e-bikes per year, hiring 100 people

Investe São Paulo

In November 2017, the Brazilian Sustainable Mobility Company - EBMS - launched five models of Pedalla e-bikes produced at the newly opened plant in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).The implementation of this project relied on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency of the state government, which has advised EBMS mainly on infrastructure and tax matters.

With the launch of retail sales, the company seeks to gradually increase the production of bikes, reaching 30,000 per year.The manufacturing process will be conducted by a team of approximately 100 employees.

To provide training to bike resellers and maintenance professionals, EBMS also invested R$ 250,000 in the Van Oficina project.The action brings itinerant training sessions and certification to mechanics, repair shops and stores, ensuring a specific training in e-bikes.

“EBMS is a company established with the purpose of improving urban mobility and offering a product that helps people to have a lifestyle that is not only healthier, but also environmentally friendly.It is essential that projects like this take advantage of our services and get increasingly closer to the government,” said the director of Investe SP, Sérgio Costa.

The list prices of electric bicycles range between R$ 4,490 and R$ 8,790. In the first 3 months of operation, Pedalla will be sold at promotional prices, ranging from R$ 3,490 to R$ 6,890. “EBMS aims to make the e-bike increasingly accessible.Mobility is a commitment that must be undertaken by everyone,” says the company’s director José Eugênio Pinheiro.

Pedalla has the largest portfolio of e-bikes in Brazil, with models developed for various types of use.“What differentiates one model from the other are the components.Depending on the model, they change the motor power, gearbox, battery, brakes, panel and their functions.The options available include from the basic model to the top premium,” says Pinheiro.

All electric bicycles work with the so-called pedal assist.The system is triggered by a display on the handlebars from the first pedaling.The electric motor starts and remains in operation while the person is pedaling.Thus, the user saves energy, minimizing physical wear and tear.

When pedal movement is interrupted or the brake is triggered, the motor shuts off.If the cyclist does not switch on the electrical system on the display, the e-bike can be used like the conventional model, without the aid of the motor.

EBMS’s strategy is to ensure a high level of after-sales service to its customers.And for this reason, it has been investing in the qualification of professionals who can offer specialized technical assistance to cyclists.Accordingly, it guarantees the shipment of spare parts and accessories within 24 hours after the orders are received at the company, providing an outstanding and quality service to users and repair shops.


Pedalla e-bikes reach a speed of 25 km/h, the maximum speed permitted by the Brazilian Traffic Code, being extremely safe.The e-bikes are already equipped with reflectors, headlight, rear flashlight, horn, speedometer and rear view mirror.

The batteries, which weigh from 2 to 3 kg, are Lithium-Ion with Samsung cells.Battery life ranges from 30 to 60 km, depending on the model, type and conditions of use.The basic and intermediate models have 250 W motor and other models have 350 W motor.

About EBMS

With a factory in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), EBMS is a company with great social, educational and environmental concern, whose goal is to gradually achieve an annual production of 30,000 e-bikes and create approximately 100 direct jobs.

EBMS is here to stay.Guided by the philosophy of the company’s group, each and every relationship will always be based on ethics, respect, transparency and justice.With this attitude, EBMS expects to create more than customers or resellers:but friends and partners.