05/14/2021 10h22

DS Multimedia announces investment of US$72 million in the construction of its factory in the city of Araras

South Korean company, manufacturer of displays, will rely on the support from InvestSP for the implementation of its project in the country


DS Multimedia, a South Korean group that operates in the sustainable energy and technology sector, announced the investment of US$ 72 million in the construction of a factory of electronic components for displays and an equipment assembly unit for photovoltaic systems in the city of Araras, 180 km from the state capital.

It will be the company’s first manufacturing unit in the Americas.The company has its own factories in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia and joint ventures in Kazakhstan, Brunei and Angola, employing 9,500 people.When in operation, the plant in Araras is expected to generate 1,500 direct jobs in the city.

“Large Korean companies, such as Hyundai and Samsung, have factories in Brazil, but medium-sized technology companies are still starting this process.We have experience in opening new factories and R&D centers around the world.The success of the unit in Araras may help attract other Korean companies in this sector to São Paulo,” said DS Multimedia President Kim Yong Hyun.

InvestSP will provide support to DS Multimedia for the implementation of the new plant.“DS Multimedia’s investment is very important for the technology sector in São Paulo.The company provides solutions to different industrial sectors, including the automotive and electronic sectors.It will enrich our production chain in São Paulo and increase its competitiveness,” said the president of InvestSP, Wilson Mello.

The company will be the first to settle in the new industrial district of Araras, the VI Technological Industrial District.In addition to the area for the construction of factories, the district’s project includes the creation of a Technological Park for the development of research and innovations that can be applied to products made in the city.

“Welcoming such a large company in our District is wonderful.I am sure that this partnership between Brazil and South Korea will be of great value and success.We hope that DS Multimedia’s presence will attract other companies to occupy other areas in the District.Everyone is welcome,” said the mayor of Araras, Pedrinho Eliseu.