03/06/2023 13h42

CloudHQ plans to invest up to US$3 billion in its first data center in Brazil

Located in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas (RMC), the new campus will generate its own power, whose infrastructure was assessed by InvestSP


On Wednesday (March, 1st), CloudHQ, a US company specialized in the development and operation of hyperscale data centers, announced that it will invest in the implementation of its first data center in Brazil, located in Paulínia, a city in the region of Campinas. The launch of the project brought together several authorities, such as the vice-president of the Republic, Geraldo Alckmin, and the governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, in addition to the president and director of Investment Projects of InvestSP, the investment promotion agency of the state, Rui Gomes Junior and Marília Garcez.

The first phase of the project consists of three buildings with 48 MW each, while the second phase will add another three buildings with the same capacity.The planned investment should reach US$ 3 billion.The campus will also have its own diversified underground fiber route, which will connect the project to the main internet exchange points in the region and cloud providers in the market - the construction of these pipelines is already completed.

To ensure the availability of electricity, which is one of the critical points of this type of project, the site's infrastructure was assessed by InvestSP.

In short, a data center is a physical space used to store, manage and process large amounts of data and information from organizations and companies.It relies on servers, data storage systems, network devices and other related equipment to ensure the continuous operation of online services and software applications.In the case of CloudHQ, the data center is aimed at the hyperscale market and cloud providers.

“We have been working to improve the state's digital infrastructure, accelerate the arrival of 5G and ensure an even more competitive economy.CloudHQ’s project is in line with our work, in addition to strengthening the region of Campinas as one of the main technology and innovation hubs in the country, with research centers and top universities, and generating jobs and income,” says the president of InvestSP, Rui Gomes Junior.

Spaces like this have been increasingly demanded, since the high number of interconnected equipment, the growth of internet services and digital security and the advancement of artificial intelligence, for example, require ever larger structures to support and process such a large amount of data.

“Brazil is one of the most dynamic and promising markets for digital services in Latin America. We are excited to enter this region with world-class solutions. Our new campus in Paulínia will offer unrivaled scalability, efficiency and reliability to our customers, who demand high performance, low latency and secure connectivity,” says CloudHQ Founder and CEO, Hossein Fateh. For him, the development of the new data center will help improve Brazil’s digital infrastructure for decades.