07/25/2017 11h12

Chinese automotive company chooses Guarulhos to establish its first Brazilian unit

With the support from Investe SP, Ningbo Tuopu invests approximately R$ 30 million in a plant that will start serving a General Motors’ project and creates approximately 120 jobs

Investe São Paulo

On Thursday, June 29, the Chinese group Ningbo Tuopu announced the construction of its first plant of automotive parts in Brazil, in Guarulhos (SP), in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The company is investing approximately R$ 30 million in the plant, which will produce engine mounts, gearboxes and other automotive assemblies for several automakers present in the state and across South America.

The project relies on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment and export promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of São Paulo. “Ningbo Tuopu is an example that the automotive chain of the state of São Paulo continues to expand, increasingly generating jobs and value for the country’s economy,” said Sérgio Costa, director of the Agency.

“The support provided by Investe São Paulo has been crucial, especially with regard to the resources available in the state, environmental licensing and other alternatives to implement the company,” says Flávio Renato M. de Passos, general director of Tuopu do Brasil.

The plant is expected to start operating in the second half of 2019, producing 485,000 assemblies per year. According to Flávio Renato, Guarulhos was chosen for the project for being located close to suppliers and customers, in addition to providing an abundance of skilled labor. “The assistance and support provided by the municipality and the state government were also fundamental,” says the director.

“I was in China two weeks ago, when I introduced Guarulhos as a great investment opportunity. We are the main gateway to Brazil and, for us, it is an honor to be able to welcome Ningbo Tuopu. We would like to thank Investe SP for this great partnership in the creation of jobs in Guarulhos. We are open to the establishment of businesses and the creation of new jobs,” said the city’s mayor, Gustavo Guti.

The initiative to come to Brazil is due to General Motors’s demand, one of the main clients of the company in other countries. Ningbo Tuopu was chosen to supply the engine mounts and gearboxes for the vehicles produced by the automaker in South America, and a local plant was required to meet the region’s demand.

Despite focusing on GM, the idea is that Ningbo Tuopu also supplies to other automakers in the state and the entire South American market, such as Fiat, Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, Nissan, among others. There will also be 35% of the plant’s capacity free to the opening of new businesses in the future, which will allow for an expansion depending on the market growth.


About Ningbo

Ningbo Tuopu Group is a private Chinese corporation listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (601689) which is a technology-leading automobile parts company. The company manufactures engine mount systems, chassis, intelligent driving control and adjustment systems. Founded in 1983, it is headquartered in Ningbo, where it houses its Research & Development Center, which provides solutions to the world through more than 5000 different products. For more information, please visit http://www.tuopu.com.  Keep Climbing Hope Booming.