06/14/2018 11h10

Registration for the last seats in the Export Extension Program are open

Promoted through an agreement with Apex-Brazil, the Export Extension Program (PEIEX) is offered to small and medium companies from São Paulo willing to initiate or improve their business internationalization plans

Investe São Paulo

To help companies operate in markets abroad, Investe São Paulo is receiving registrations for a mentoring program held free of charge of the Export Extension Program (PEIEX) , created by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil). In total, 20 companies will be selected. For registrations visit: https://goo.gl/scJ4Ur.

The purpose of the program is to stimulate and promote the export culture, especially in small and medium enterprises. Companies that have profile and potential to export based in the cities listed in this link can register to join the program. The participants have the opportunity to receive individual coaching from experts specialized in foreign trade who will help in the diagnosis and development of an action plan.

Currently, 82 companies are being assisted by the unit coordinated by Investe São Paulo, which encompasses 55 cities – all within a range of 100 km from the state capital. The goal is to assist 130 companies by the end of the year, in total.

“The aid was very important because in the past we used to export in an ‘incidental’ manner, that is, without planning. Now we are aware of our actions and of the best services and products to be exported and we are moving towards sustainable growth,” said the executive producer of Input Arte Sonora, Mário di Pol. The company works with sound editing for audiovisual and was one of the ones assisted in the first phase of the program.

About the program

The companies selected are those that have any service or product with potential to be exported, are available to be trained and are duly enrolled with a corporate taxpayer identification (CNPJ). At the beginning of the program, the PEIEX instructors check the company’s level of preparation to export, evaluating with the representative of each company the existing procedures and controls.

From then on, a series of 80 hours of training on direct export (sale to other countries) and indirect export (sale through specialized export companies) begins, which usually lasts 90 days, culminating in the creation of an export plan. At the end of the process, the company participates in a “mock event”, where it will exhibit its product to international buyers.

Throughout the program, the participating companies have access not only to personalized coaching from the instructors, but also to presentations, workshops, and networking events with other participants of the program.


The first phase of the agreement between Apex-Brazil and Investe São Paulo at the beginning of 2016 for the Program was a success, since 80% of the companies that responded to the satisfaction survey were considered to be very satisfied or satisfied with the mentoring.