04/06/2016 14h48

BK Brazil group aims to expand Burger King presence with investment

Valor International

Fast-food chain Burger King, controlled by Vinci Partners, 3G Capital and Temasek, is leading an investment project in the country through opening of stores and purchases from franchisees, with the aim of occupying space in the market more quickly. It's a strategy that has become clearer following the fifth year of Vinci's lead of the chain, which reached $1 billion in sales in 2015, a gain of 46% from the previous year. The BK Brazil group ended last year with 491 stores of its own from a total of 531 Burger King outlets operating in the country. According to its annual report, the group spent about R$65 million in the last year in acquisition of 30 stores around the country. Internal estimates show that with 531 stores, Burger King has become the fourth largest fast-food chain in Brazil in numbers of stores behind Subway, McDonald's and Bob's.