07/25/2017 11h14

Avon Brazil hosts the company’s first global product development center of Latin America in São Paulo

Project includes the search for partnerships with universities and local research centers

Investe São Paulo

This week, Avon opens the Avon Global Development and Innovation Center - Brazil, with the mission of developing fragrances and products for hair and daily care to the more than 50 markets of the company.   Acting as a branch of its main R&D center, located in Suffern, United States, the new product development center initially has 40 scientists of various specialties and partnerships with universities and local research centers.

With this, Brazil becomes the first Latin American country to house Avon’s product development center. In addition to this one, China has a similar structure, developing other product categories. The new center is located at the same address as the company’s administrative and manufacturing office, in the district of Interlagos, in São Paulo. “We are the company’s largest market, with the largest sales force and a huge influence on the definition of the product characteristics,” said David Legher, president of Avon in Brazil. “In addition, the company has already had several demonstrations of our ability to operate in this field, with the local development of successful products such as the line ‘Encanto’ of daily body care products.” David also reminds that, since 2013, Avon Brazil has a formal program for the promotion of continuous improvement and innovation, encouraging all employees to contribute.

The director of Avon Global Development and Innovation Center – Brazil, Cesar Tadashi, initially heads a team of 45 people, who will be constantly in line with the guidelines of the Global Innovation Center in Suffern and constantly interacting with this team. The model established by Avon as a development hub will enable the products made here to be produced and marketed in other countries according to the local marketing strategies.

During the 7th Brazilian Industry Innovation Summit, Lisa Gallo, Global Vice-President of Product and Process Development, emphasized that throughout 130 years of history, the brand has always shown to be closely-related to innovation and the quality of its products. “Avon Brazil has been standing out in the innovation field for many years, even having a formal project in this sense. The opening of a new Innovation Center only reinforces the country’s importance for the company’s growth,” says Lisa.

The choice of Brazil to host the new center took place after a thorough assessment of the company’s global leadership.  In order to do this, extensive reports have been drafted with strategic information on the potential of Brazil and the state of São Paulo, organized by Investe São Paulo, an investment and export promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state. “We joined forces to prove to the company that building this center in Brazil was an excellent idea,” said Tadashi. “And that choice also means an opportunity for many local scientists who, working with us, will be creating products for consumers around the world.”


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