10/14/2013 15h42

After fire, Liebherr reopens plant with the support from Investe São Paulo

Investment in Liebherr-Aerospace’s plant in Guaratinguetá, which is now bigger, totaled R$ 70 million and currently employs 226 people

The team of Investe São Paulo, an agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology, intermediated with the State Department of Finance in the reconstruction of the plant of Liebherr-Aerospace Brazil, located in the city of Guaratinguetá (SP), in Vale do Paraíba. Destroyed by a fire in July 2011, the plant was completely reconstructed and had its area extended by 10%, thanks to the collaboration of Investe São Paulo, which supported the company to redeem the accumulated ICMS credits for the investment.

Liebherr-Aerospace Brazil resumed all its activities in early 2013. Until then, the employees of the plant were working in another company of the group, the production plants of Liebherr-Aerospace, in Toulouse, France, and Lindenberg, Germany. With the reconstruction of the plant, more than 200 jobs in the region were secured.

The intervention of Investe São Paulo in this type of case is made through a very close relationship between the company, the municipality and the State Government: “The city played a key role in this project. They were the ones who introduced us to Liebherr in 2011, concerned with more than 200 workers who were affected by the fire,” said the president of Investe SP, Luciano Almeida.

Liebherr-Aerospace Brazil operates in the machining of aircraft parts mainly composed of aluminum alloys, such as turbines, engines and other aircraft components. These products are exported to the plants of Liebherr-Aerospace located in Germany and France.

 The reopening of Liebherr-Aerospace, with the total reconstruction of the plant in such short period of time, approximately 18 months, and the acquisition of the same high end equipment with which we worked before the accident is very rewarding for the Group, which values include the respect and concern for its employees. For the municipality, the reconstruction shows the interest of Liebherr to remain in the region, creating jobs and investing in the city,” says Klemens Stroebele, managing director of Liebherr in Brazil.

According to the Secretary of Economic Development, Science and Technology, Rodrigo Garcia, in addition to the support provided by Investe SP, the government has other initiatives that assist companies settled in the state. “We also have policies aimed at reducing taxes and credit facilities, which contribute to increase competitiveness and attract new business,” he adds.

“For the city of Guaratinguetá, the resumption and increased production of Liebherr is an important achievement and a great satisfaction. In addition to ensuring the 200 jobs involved in the operation, its reopening reveals the confidence and strong interest of the company to continue investing in our city, which in turn has always sought to provide all the support, infrastructure and incentives necessary for its development. We are happy for this victory, which consolidates a long and successful partnership, which relies on a significant participation of the governor Geraldo Alckmin,” said the Mayor of Guaratinguetá, Francisco Carlos Moreira dos Santos.

Investe São Paulo still supports the company, by providing support not only for tax issues but also for environmental and infrastructure issues. The pleading to the Finance Department was prepared in July of that year, and received positive response in December. From then on, the company was authorized to use the credit balance of ICMS on the acquisition of goods to the fixed assets of the plant.

About Liebherr
The Liebherr Group was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The great success of his first mobile tower crane formed the basis of the company. Today Liebherr is not only one of the largest manufacturers of construction machinery in the world, but it is also recognized in many other areas as a technically demanding supplier, with user-oriented products and services for the purpose for which they are intended. Thus, the company has grown and became a group of companies with more than 38,000 employees in over 130 companies, present in all continents.

The Group's activities in Brazil are divided between two companies located in Guaratinguetá: Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil Ltda., which produces high-tech parts for the aviation industry; and Liebherr Brasil Ltda., which produces hydraulic excavators, wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, hydraulic concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, tower cranes and offshore cranes. In addition to manufacturing these equipment, Liebherr Brasil Ltda. also operates in the sales and after sales of Mining equipment, Mobile Cranes on Crawlers and Wheels, Marine Cranes & Components.