09/06/2018 14h00

3rd Edition of SP Conecta brings together hundreds of agents that foster innovation

Biosolvit is the winner of the Brazilian edition of the Startup World Cup

Investe São Paulo

Good ideas, innovation, business opportunities and great contacts.This was the atmosphere of the 3rd edition of SP Conecta, an event held at the headquarters of Investe São Paulo last Saturday (Sep/01), which brought together hundreds of participants from the ecosystem of startups.

Throughout the day, important agents that foster innovation were able to exchange experiences and prospect new businesses.Approximately 50 exhibitors were present at the event, including organizations of the ecosystem, international organizations, the public sector and industry 4.0 startups – main topic of this edition.

Franklin Ribeiro, Investment Manager of Investe SP and founder of SP Conecta, celebrates the event.“This year’s edition featured several simultaneous attractions, with coaching, a workshop addressing the topic of industry 4.0, panels and the Startup World Cup, in addition to the relationship area with exhibitors.We are very happy to offer the opportunity for the ecosystem to connect and exchange experiences.”

Panels, workshops and working groups brought together beginners in the segment to the most experienced professionals.One of the novelties this year was the possibility for the startups to receive free coaching from business owners from different areas of activity.

The visitor Luis Zantut, interested in opening his own startup, approved the initiative:“the event itself has already brought me a lot of information, but the coaching was essential.I got great tips and I was able to see what I’ve been doing wrong.I have a long way to go, but next year I want to come back with another qualification.”

Wagner Mancini, from Mentores do Brasil and responsible for the dynamics, evaluated the experience positively.“In addition to the coaching we scheduled previously, several people showed their interest  during the event.It was very productive and pleasant to help startups understand more about their business and bring their ideas to their customers in a more structured manner.”


The event also witnessed the birth of the initiative of a group of former students from the Polytechnic School of USP, now angel investors, who want to make other former students to contribute with investments, knowledge and networking for the growth of startups.“It was an excellent decision to launch Poli Angels at SP Conecta, a perfect ecosystem.It was really surprising how many consultations we had today,” says Marco Szili, one of the founders

With an eye abroad

One of the international organizations present at the event, the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce sought to identify startups with the potential to internationalize.“We talked to and met with many qualified companies that may attract investors in the Canadian market or Canadian government programs that encourage the development of new technologies.Some startups already have operations abroad, others need only a push for this,” says the representative of the Chamber, Arminio Junior.

Startup World Cup

The Startup World Cup was also one of the biggest attractions of the event.Organized by Fenox Venture Capital and by Investe SP, the Brazilian regional edition of the event was held during SP Conecta.The finals will be held at Silicon Valley, where the winner will receive an investment of $ 1 million dollars.

In the auditorium of SP Conecta, ten startups from different sectors brought innovative solutions, which were presented through a 5-minutes pitch each, followed by questions from the judges.

Among the competitors, the one who won the first place was Biosolvit – a biotechnology company that proposed solutions for oil spill and other environmental problems.Located in Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro, Biosolvit already has renowned clients such as Petrobras, Vale and CSN.

According to Guilhermo Queiroz, CEO and founder of the company, the repercussion could not have been better:“the effect was immediate.Soon after the award ceremony, people were already looking for us, which really surprised us and made us very happy.The questions made by the judges were very helpful for us to adapt our project and we will do everything to represent Brazil in the best possible way.”

For Coco He, global coordinator of Startup World Cup, Brazil has a lot to offer as a major emerging country in the startup market.“Every year I realize that the number of Brazilian startups only increases and we want to strengthen our bonds.Fenox’s idea is to connect them to investors of the startup community in Silicon Valley – that is our main intention,” he concludes.The finals of the Startup World Cup will take place in May 2019 in California, USA.