International Offices

In 2019, InvestSP started an important project to provide support to companies in São Paulo:the opening of international offices strategically located across the world.With a lean structure and financed by the private sector, the operating model of the offices was designed to ensure that they were self-sustaining and long-standing.

The main purpose of the offices is to add value to the products and services offered by the private sector in São Paulo.The office activities can be grouped into three fields of operation:

  • Support for the internationalization of companies from São Paulo and the export of their products and services
  • Prospecting for investors and new business ventures for the state of São Paulo
  • Establishment of partnerships with foreign companies and institutions

InvestSP offices abroad also have the mission of promoting the State of São Paulo as a global center for business, tourism and culture.They act as a hub for the dissemination of the main actions promoted by the state government, with special attention to those carried out under the privatization plan.

Currently, there are two offices in operation, one in Shanghai (China) and the other in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).Still in 2021, there will be four new offices, with the opening of a headquarters in Europe, in Munich (Germany) and, finally, in North America, in New York (United States).

The association plans for InvestSP’s international offices are adapted to the needs of each company with the offer of exclusive services.Some of the services provided to companies in São Paulo are market intelligence, mapping of potential clients and local partners, support for intellectual property, among others.

The attraction of investments to the state, especially in the Green Economy sector, also gains prominence with the presence of InvestSP in strategic markets abroad.

For more information and support for your investment project, please contact one of our offices.Our local representative speaks your language and will provide all the support you may need.

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