Evandro Barros

Administrative manager of Tec Mobile, startup from São Paulo that was part of the Colombia-Peru trade mission and now opens its first office abroad.

Santo André, September 19th, 2016
“Investe São Paulo was key to the internalization process in my small company. Without such a well-organized mission, which put us face to face with potential clients, this process would have been much more expensive, harder and longer. Honestly, I don’t believe it would even have been even possible. I have been in Bogotá in June 2016 with Investe São Paulo’s mission and in September this year I am already beginning my operations in Colombia. Thanks to all the team!".

Leonardo Garbin

Sales director of VirtualCAE, a company that provides software and industrial mechanic engineering services and that took part in the first trade mission of the SP Export program.

São Caetano do Sul, September 16th, 2016
“I learned about the cultural differences of making businesses in Colombia, besides having the opportunity to present our products and services directly to future buyers. Apart from the exceptional organization, I believe the best part was the bridge made between us (companies from São Paulo) and the potential clients through Aserto Negócios. The mission opened doors to class entities such as ANDI and ALCOFA, besides providing the opportunity to visit local factures to understand the local culture and its special needs".

Vivian Jospa

Business diretor at Sitron, a company that acts in the measure and industrial control market and took part in the first trade mission in the SP Export program.

São Paulo, September 16th, 2016
“I would like to congratulate you for the Colombia-Peru mission, held in June 2016. The event was very well organized by highly qualified professionals, both in Brazil (Investe SP) and in each of the visited cities. The mission was, for our company, the first major step for an international exposition by trustworthy and safe ways. We are already engaged in other missions, because we believe this kind of initiative meets needs of our company’s exports expansion project.”

Walcenir Queiroz

Sales Manager at NSF Equipamentos para Supermercados, a company that was part of the first SP Export trade mission in June 2016.

São Carlos, September 15th, 2016
“SP Export’s Colombia/Peru mission was extremely important for us in NSF. The initiative contributed a lot to “open” our doors to exports, as we did not export before it!”

Klaus Franco

Plant Director and Country Manager of Trafotek, a company that chose Itu for its first factory in Latin America.

Itu, March 10th, 2016
"Investe São Paulo was the gateway to Trafotek in Brazil, helping us to find sites for settling the plant and supporting with environmental, taxing and infrastructure issues, besides facilitating our relationship with governmental institutions and public services providers".

Gabriel Rico

CEO of American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham), important partnership with Investe São Paulo in the dialogue with potential investors.

São Paulo, November 01st, 2013
“The work of Investe SP as a promoter of investments is already showing remarkable results, highlighting the professionalism of the entire company. We had the pleasure and honor to jointly participate in several missions to attract investments to our market”.

Andrew Simpson

Scientific director of Orygen, a company that invested R$ 500 million in the city of São Carlos for the construction of a plant to nationalize the production of drugs for diseases such as cancer and arthritis.

São Carlos, September 05th, 2014
“Orygen believes it made the right choice regarding the location of its manufacturing plant. Among the options considered, the city of São Carlos filled the vast majority of requirements due to its vocation as an innovative hub and its intense activity in the area of scientific research. The proximity to academic centers of excellence coupled with the proper planning of its urban development had significant relevance in the decision. The participation of the Municipality of São Carlos coupled with the dense and professional assistance of Investe São Paulo were crucial. To everyone involved in the process, our most sincere appreciation”.

Oliver Jansen

Managing Director of SAG, which announced investments of R$ 17 million for the construction of the first manufacturing plant of fuel tanks for trucks in Brazil, in the city of Jaguariúna.

Jaguariúna, April 02nd, 2014
"The active support and, specially, the advice given by Invest SP, were vital so that SAG would take the decision of investing in Brazil and in the State of São Paulo. Whenever it was necessary we were able to contact them to get information on environmental issues, human resources, financing etc. ".

Alexandro Claudio Mastellini

Industrial manager and administrator of Castfutura in Brazil. The company is a pioneer in the production of oven burners and igniters for stoves, which transferred its industrial park to a building on an area covering 2,200 square meters.

Valinhos, February 26th, 2014
“The region has good infrastructure, is located next to the port of Santos, the airport of Viracopos and for being close to a major highway - Anhanguera – it facilitates the distribution logistics for our key clients".

John Hudson

CEO of TMD Friction Group, talked about the process of transfer of operations from Indaiatuba to the city of Salto and the simultaneous production in both plants – the transfer will increase the production volume.

Salto, November 04th, 2013
“After more than 40 years in Indaiatuba, our plant has become an “island” - a plant in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This not only prevents us from growing and increasing the production, but also brings risks and discomfort to the population, especially because of the number of trucks that come to the plant every day. In Salto, in this industrial district, we will be able to continue to grow".

Luis Garcia Limón

General Director of GV do Brasil, a company that invested R$ 1 billion in the city of Pindamonhangaba for the construction of the Brazilian plant that will produce rebar, wire rod and steel bars for mechanical construction.

Pindamonhangaba, August 13th, 2013
“Investe São Paulo was our sponsor in the investment in Pindamonhangaba. The Agency helped us a lot by opening the doors to all offices, energy, water and gas utilities, companies and unions. We want this partnership to continue until the end of the project".

Otávio Mizikami

Director of Production at Honda Automóveis do Brasil and responsible for the investment project of R$ 1 billion in the plant of Itirapina.

Itirapina, August 07th, 2013
“Honda chose the city of Itirapina, in São Paulo, to establish its second car factory in Brazil. During the process of search and definition for the project, the support from the team of Investe São Paulo was essential. The professionals of the team contributed to the mapping of the potential cities in the state and feasibility studies of the investment. The plant of Itirapina further strengthens the bond of Honda with the State of São Paulo, which is already home to the first car factory of the brand, located in Sumaré, the administrative office in the capital and training and parts distribution units, in Indaiatuba".

Ernesto Nakamura

General manager at Metal One Shibaura Brasil, a manufacturer of construction machinery that invested R$ 50 million in the city of Capivari for the construction of its first plant in Latin America.

Capivari, June 13th, 2013
“Investe São Paulo helped us a lot, mapping the potential cities of the state and informing us about the main statistics of economy and security. The Agency accompanied us so that we could study the feasibility of the project in several cities. It was a very interesting support”.

Alberto Carvalho

President of P&G in Brazil, which completed the expansion of the plant in the city of Louveira.

Louveira, April 29th, 2014
“This unit of the Group will house the largest distribution center in Latin America, and we intend to turn this plant into a zero waste facility. And this would not be possible without the help and intervention of Investe São Paulo”.

Don Polk

CEO of Maxion Wheels in the Americas, which invested R$ 200 million in a plant in Limeira that is expected to generate 500 jobs producing light alloy wheels.

Limeira, June 05th, 2014
“We conducted a detailed analysis as to where the plant would be located. Aspects such as logistics, the city’s infrastructure, skilled labor and the good relationship with the community and with the local union had a significant importance in this decision”.

Adilson U. Butzke

CEO of John Deere Hitachi, a construction machinery company that invested over R$ 300 million in the city of Indaiatuba

Indaiatuba, October 03rd, 2011
“When we decided to come to São Paulo, we opted for a city next to the metropolitan area and the contact with Investe São Paulo allowed us to assess the regions and evaluate the benefits of each city. Your support also helped us in the dialogue with the local and state governments, in addition to providing us the necessary information so that our suppliers could also settle in the city”.

Bill Parnell

CEO of Datalogic ADC, a global leader in advanced data capture and industrial automation. The company invested R$ 4 million in area covering 2,200 square meters in Jundiaí

Jundiaí, July 23rd, 2014
“Investe São Paulo helped us do the homework, and we saw that this is the region with the best logistics infrastructure for our production in Brazil”.

Dan Stone

CEO of Lenovo Latin America, which invested R$ 59 million in the city of Itu, and generated more than 700 direct jobs in the administrative region of Sorocaba

Itu, November 18th, 2013
“The Brazilian market continues to be an exciting environment to work at and we have had great experiences when we opened our plant and repair center in Itu and built our R&D Center in Campinas, just to name a few of our investments here. A key element to our success is the work that we were able to conduct alongside our partners. On behalf of Lenovo, I would like to thank Investe SP for the continuous support. Since the beginning of our contacts, the state of São Paulo has offered Lenovo the access to highly skilled professionals, privileged location and highly competitive structure. All this combined with the great local potential and the accelerated economy resulted in goals achieved and even more ambitious goals for the years to come".

Hartwig Pietzcker

CEO of AKG, highlighted the creation of 150 new jobs in the city of Lorena

Lorena, July 17th, 2014
“Lorena is located in the Brazilian state with the best infrastructure in the country and is also next to a large number of our clients. With the support from Investe São Paulo, we were able to inaugurate our first plant in Latin America".

Roberto Braun

Government Affairs Manager at Toyota, which invested R$ 1.5 billion in an automotive plant in Sorocaba and R$ 1 billion in an engine plant in Porto Feliz.

São Bernardo do Campo, August 09th, 2012
“Toyota has been a client of Investe SP since its creation, in 2008, when it was developing the project for construction of the new automotive plant of the company in Sorocaba. Considering the positive results of the partnership, in 2012 we requested the collaboration of the Agency once again, this time for the project of the engine plant in Porto Feliz. In both cases, the support of the Agency has been and remains crucial to determine the location of the investment and, especially, to ensure the infrastructure required to start the operations".

Alexandre Alvim

Director of New Business of Estre, a company that invested R$ 15 million in a plant in Guatapará for energy generation from biogas

Guatapará, August 13th, 2014
“Investe SP helped us obtain ICMS incentives, without which it would not be possible to make the investment. The agency was a real partner helping us overcome the problems and make the project viable. We want to further strengthen this partnership so that we can build other five or six plants like this in São Paulo and also expand the plant in Guatapará".

Davide Cappelinno

CEO of AGC Vidros do Brasil, which invested R$ 750 million in its first flat glass plant of the group in Latin America, built in Guaratinguetá city.

Guaratinguetá, April 29th, 2011
“Investe São Paulo was essential for us to find a location within the project requirements. It helped in the negotiations with local municipalities and facilitated the contact with suppliers and public agencies, supporting the entire settlement of the project."

Takaaki Nishii

CEO of Ajinomoto do Brasil, which invested R$ 47 million in the expansion of its plant in Limeira, inaugurating an exclusive line for the production of Sazón.

Limeira, August 12th, 2013
"The advice provided by Investe SP allowed Ajinomoto do Brasil to better allocate its investments in the State of São Paulo, both for the creation of the new unit of SAZÓN®, and for improvements in other plants of the company".

Silvio Calegaro

General Director of Comil Ônibus, who announced the investment of R$ 159 million in the construction of a manufacturing plant of urban buses in Lorena, generating 750 new jobs.

Lorena, July 24th, 2012
“São Paulo is the economic center of the country. Our decision matrix indicated Lorena as the ideal location for our project due to the proximity to automakers, clients and suppliers, the infrastructure and the availability of highly skilled workforce. The involvement of Investe SP was essential for us to announce the State of São Paulo and the city Lorena as our choices for such important investment. We are absolutely comfortable with the decision.”

Flávio Marquetti

General manager for Latin America of Cooper Power Systems, which has invested R$ 40 million in a new plant to produce equipment for electrical infrastructure and energy distribution, generating 200 direct jobs.

Porto Feliz, July 08th, 2011
"Cooper has been in Brazil for 17 years, always eager to grow and expand. This motivation was most evident with the macroeconomic conditions of the country, and Investe SP helped bring this discussion to a more technical level. It was fundamental to the executives from the American company to approve the project. We had a very strong support from the agency, from the preparation of the initial project, the selection of the site, infrastructure, among others. It was a very interesting experience."

Luiz Carlos Calil

CEO of Caterpillar Brazil,which announced investments of R$ 65 million for the construction of two machinery and equipment plants in Piracicaba, generating 90 new jobs.

Piracicaba, June 19th, 2012
“The effectiveness in the services and the intermediation in the negotiations with different government segments, coupled with the technical expertise of the professionals of Investe São Paulo were essential to the realization of new investments. Since the beginning of our activities in Brazil, in 1954, Caterpillar is honored to have joined one of the most important industrial centers in the South hemisphere, which is the state of São Paulo."

Dong Hoon Lee

CEO of Doosan Infracore, which invested R$ 160 million in the construction of a plant of excavators in Americana, generating 300 jobs.

Americana, February 11th, 2011
“Brazil is a very important country for us, but very distant and different from South Korea. However, Investe SP has made a great effort to help us understand the details about how to make a good investment. They offer an excellent support to foreigners like us, who do not know much about the country. Thanks to this support and dedication, we were able to complete our project successfully and today we are already in operation“.

Carlos Barion

CEO from Dori, which is investing R$ 14 million in the construction of a food laboratory in Mairinque, generating 150 new jobs.

Mairinque, September 06th, 2012
"Dori Alimentos is a genuinely Brazilian company controlled by entrepreneurs from São Paulo, with seven decades of tradition in the same segment. Strategic investments are those that allow us to move towards sustainable growth and Investe SP has been a partner since the first contacts, offering all the technical support for us to present a proposal to the Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep)".

Antonio Joaquim de Oliveira

CEO of Duratex, 470 million in the expansion of the plant in Itapetininga, implementing new production lines.

Itapetininga, June 30th, 2011
“Investe SP acted as a partner since the first meeting. There were other states competing with the investment, but the agency showed us the advantages of bringing the plant to the State of São Paulo and provided us full support, involving various government structures in the project.”

Marco Túlio Pellegrini

President of Embraer Executive Jets, which invested R$ 49 million in the construction of a service center for the maintenance of business jets in Sorocaba, generating 250 new jobs.

Sorocaba, March 06th, 2012
“Embraer has chosen Sorocaba for its new service center because it is a strategically located city. Investe SP has been supporting us since the beginning of the project, assisting us in the definition of the location and viability of the project. The project strengthens Embraer’s presence in São Paulo. We thus hope to contribute to make the region one of the most important business aviation centers in Brazil”.

Márcia Gomes

Director of Government Relations in GE Transportation, which settled a maintenance center for locomotives in Araraquara, investing R$ 2 million and generating 20 direct jobs.

Araraquara, June 03rd, 2013
“Besides being strategic to our customers, the project consolidated the technological autonomy of the rail market. The support provided by Investe SP was essential in this process.”

Göram Jarl

Vice president of Haldex, whichbuilt a plant for brake and suspension systems for trucks, tow trucks and buses in São José dos Campos, generating 150 jobs.

São José dos Campos, March 13th, 2012
“Investe São Paulo, together with the Board of Foreign Trade of Sweden, has done a wonderful job in the collection of data and help us find a place to settle the plant, especially collecting information about various municipalities. It helped us a lot to complete the project within schedule.”

William Lee

CEO of Hyundai Motor Brazil, which in 2013 reinvested in its plant in Piracicaba, thanks to support from Investe SP.

Piracicaba, December 03rd, 2014
"The support provided to Hyundai Motor Brazil occurred through the provision of technical information for the decision-making and in the dialogue and articulation with public agencies. This resulted in the feasibility of the 3rd working shift in September 2013 and, consequently, the reduction of the manufacturing cost of our plant, generating 700 new jobs with skilled labor".

Ulisses Thibes Mello

Director of the research laboratory of IBM in Brazil, which invests approximately US$ 6 billion per year on research and development in Brazil. Investe SP provided support in the structuring of the company’s first Research Laboratory in the country.

São Paulo, June 08th, 2010
"We appreciate all the support provided by Investe SP to turn this project into reality. It was very important for us to understand the market, training, location and establishment of contacts with organizations involved in the support of the investment and implementation plan."

Sidney Matos

General manager of JCB, which has invested R$ 100 million in the plant of hydraulic excavators in Sorocaba, generating 200 jobs.

Sorocaba, December 02nd, 2010
"JCB decided to have operations in São Paulo because it is the State that concentrates the most advanced in terms of technology, logistics, and especially labor. The partnership with Investe SP helped us in the intermediation with government agencies such as the Regulatory Agency of Public Transportation Services of the State of São Paulo (Artesp), in the construction of the access road to the plant from Castelo Branco highway and the Company of Environmental Sanitation Technology (Cetesb) in the understanding and compliance with the requirements related to the environment."

Richard Klemens Maria Stroebele

Superintendent director of Liebherr in Brazil, which had the support from Investe SP to recover its plant that was destroyed by fire. The unit has also been expanded, with investments of R$ 70 million, in Guaratinguetá.

Guaratinguetá, September 22nd, 2013
“The support from Investe SP was crucial because the company has accumulated ICMS credits of approximately R$ 6.5 million that would be duplicated in case the government had not granted the benefit of ICMS deferral in the acquisition of the goods necessary for the reconstruction of the plant.”

Marcos Maciel de Camargo

CFO of Martifer Construções, which invested R$ 70 million in the implementation of a factory of metal structures in Pindamonhangaba.

Pindamonhangaba, May 13th, 2013
“Investe São Paulo, in the crucial moments of the pre-operational and initial implementation phases of the industrial unit of Martifer-Pindamonhangaba, provided excellent guidance and resolution of issues regarding taxes, tax incentives and indication of paths to the resolution of bureaucratic issues. Congratulations to the whole team."

Josie Romero

Vice president of logistic operations at Natura Cosmetics, which is investing US$ 167 million on the construction of a distribution centre in São Paulo, generating 870 jobs.

São Paulo, December 05th, 2013
"I always say that Investe São Paulo helped us achieve our dream: to implement the world's most modern cosmetic distribution centre. Investe SP helped us in coming up with ways to keep the project running perfectly".

Heitor Vita

CEO of Rohde & Schwarz Brazil, which settled in São Paulo its first plant in the Americas, investing US$ 15 million and generating 40 jobs.

São Paulo, August 21st, 2012
“I would like to thank Investe São Paulo for helping us to remain in the state of São Paulo and enhance the State of São Paulo, which is the most important of all. They did a great job in opening the doors, explaining the procedures and that helped a lot in our final decision”.

Luiz Felipe da Silva Pereira

Manager of legal and regulatory affairs of Toshiba Medical, which has invested R$ 90 million in its plant of medical devices in Campinas.

Campinas, March 13th, 2013
"Investe SP provided us an active assistance, presenting varieties of choices of cities in the state of São Paulo able to welcome the manufacturing enterprise, helping in the visits to the cities presented, and allowing access to various public agencies in state and always with its staff available to meet the needs of Toshiba."

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