Sports and Leisure

São Paulo offers a wide variety of tourism, cultural and sporting alternatives, either in the city area, coastal or inland. The State's excellent road network enables easy and safe travel between towns and regions. The accommodation on offer in São Paulo ranges anywhere between luxury resorts, economy hotels, seasonal lease of apartments and campsites.

In São Paulo, it is possible to attend international level cultural events over the year, taking in large regular events, which include the Art and Book Biennials, the International Film Festival and others. São Paulo also houses a huge variety of international standard bars and restaurants, as well as many movie theaters and theaters, museums and cultural centers.

On the coast and inland, many cities in the State of São Paulo offer a wide choice of options for cultural, tourism, sporting and leisure activities. The beaches of São Paulo meet the most demanding of visitors and the rural areas offer alternatives places, such as waterfalls, caves, nature parks and historical buildings.

Finally, the State offers sports enthusiasts a variety of clubs, sports centers, stadiums and soccer schools for children and young people. Prominent among them are the Ibirapuera sports complex, situated next to the largest park in the capital, and the Arena Corinthians, where were the soccer games hosted by the State of São Paulo in the 2014 Fifa World Cup and in the 2016 Olympic Games.



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