Public Sector Investment

The budget of the State of São Paulo is the second highest in the Brazilian public sector, behind only the numbers of federal government.

The State’s Multi-annual Planning for the period 2016-2019 predicts the execution around US$ 271 billion in budgetary funding:

  • Metropolitan Transport: US$ 12.6 billion
  • Water Supply and Sanitation: US$ 2.2 billion
  • Housing: US$ 1.9 billion
  • Education: US$ 32.1 billion
  • Public Safety: US$ 25.8 billion
  • Regional Planning and Development: US$ 2.7 billion
  • Economic Development, Science and Technology: US$ 17.7 billion
  • Health: US$ 25.5 billion
  • Others: US$ 150.4 billion



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