08/03/2015 13h04

Investe SP expects increased regional development with Hyundai’s R&D Center

Company invests R$ 100 million in project assisted by the Agency expected to create 50 jobs

Investe São Paulo
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    Juan Quirós, during the opening of the event with the minister Manoel Dias, the secretary José Luiz Ribeiro and mayor Gabriel Ferrato

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    The director Ermínio Lucci and the manager Alexandre Marques, always on the watch for investment opportunities for São Paulo

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    Mayor Gabriel Ferrato

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    Quirós with his friend Luciano Almeida, who worked to bring Hyundai to Piracicaba

Investe São Paulo expects an increased development for Piracicaba and surrounding region with the start of operations of Hyundai’s New Research & Development Center, whose cornerstone was laid, on July 21, in the presence of the minister of Labor and Employment, Manoel Dias; the secretary of Employment and Labor Relations of the State of São Paulo, José Luiz Ribeiro; the mayor Gabriel Ferrato; the president of the Korean company in Brazil, William Lee, and dozens of authorities.

The president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, recalled that this new Research & Development Center, in addition to immediately creating 50 highly qualified jobs, will generate innovations that will have a positive impact throughout the region of Piracicaba and Campinas, since new technologies and processes always attract investments.

Quirós also spoke to the Minister of Labor, Manoel Dias; the secretary José Luiz Ribeiro and the mayor Ferrato that the state of São Paulo, through Investe SP, has been working in 31 investments in the first half of this year, that will generate, throughout the year, nearly 10,000 direct jobs. “We are working hard to strictly comply with the determination of governor Geraldo Alckmin to generate jobs, jobs and more jobs.”

The president of Hyundai in Brazil, William Lee, in his speech, highlighted the importance of the investment and the support from the authorities on the municipal, state and federal levels. He appreciated the welcoming by the people of Piracicaba and made an overview of the technological advances and industry goals for the upcoming years.

The investment was also highlighted by the Secretary of Production Development of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Carlos Gadelha; the Executive Manager of Investments of APEX, Maria Luísa Cravo and mayor Gabriel Ferrato, who mentioned the support from Investe São Paulo since the beginning of the negotiations for the arrival of Hyundai in Piracicaba.

The Director of Investments of Investe SP, Ermínio Lucci, and the manager Alexandre Marques, also attended the event.

About the project

This is fifth laboratory of Hyundai in the world; the company already has R&D centers in South Korea, the United States, Japan and Germany.

The operations are expected to begin in the second half of 2016, with investments totaling R$ 100 million. The center also meets the demands of Inovar-Auto, an automotive regime of the Federal Government that stimulates the local production of content and technology.

The main purpose of the structure will be the development of technologies for the Brazilian market, largely dominated by flex-fuel engines. For that, it will feature laboratories to test the performance and durability of engines, the reduction of emissions and the improvement of the energy efficiency and the start of engines at low temperatures, critical for fuels such as ethanol.

Science Without Borders Program

In the same opportunity, Hyundai announced the renewal of the sponsorship provided to the Federal Government’s program “Science Without Borders”. The only automaker to support the project, Hyundai, will make an investment of R$ 3 million between 2015-2017, to assist approximately 300 students in areas such as Engineering, Information Technology and Communications, among others.

During the first term of the agreement, 2012 to 2014, Hyundai funded 254 scholarships for Brazilian students in South Korea, which included a four-week internship in one of six companies of Hyundai Motor Group.

“Science Without Borders” is a Federal Government program that seeks to promote the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of science and technology, Brazilian innovation and competitiveness through exchange and international mobility. The initiative is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Ministry of Education (MEC), through their respective development agencies - CNPq and Capes – and the Departments of Higher Education and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education.

Anti-bullying enterprise 

Complementing the event, Hyundai Motor Brazil entered into, with the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), represented by the Minister Manoel Dias, a commitment to eradicate bullying in the workplace.

The automaker has an ongoing program of awareness courses on the subject for the 2700 employees, from the first day of work, in addition to the distribution of handouts and meetings to encourage the reporting of any possible case through a confidential channel called “Ethics Line”.