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Investe São Paulo has a Board of Directors and an Audit Committee.

Board of Administration and Finance

It is responsible for the structural activities focused on the internal operation of the agency, coordinating the work of the divisions responsible for the administration, technology, communication and legal sectors.

Intelligence and Information Technology
and Communication Division (Gitic)
It manages information and technology systems while keeping the communication tools of the company in full operation, in addition to searching and analyzing strategic information to promote the State of São Paulo.

Legal Division (Gjur)
Legal division that advises on the legality of internal processes, procurement and contracting. Responsible for the maintenance of the legal nature of the company.

Communication and Marketing Division (Gcom)
It is responsible for the planning and execution of press relations, brand management and public relations activities. It develops strategies to promote the image of the state of São Paulo as an investment destination.

Administration and Finance Division (GAF)
It is responsible for managing the human and financial resources of the agency, encouraging the achievement of results and goals. It is also the division responsible for the physical structure and procurement of Investe SP.

Board of Investments and Business

It gathers the professionals involved in the technical work of Investe São Paulo, helping investors succeed in their projects in the State. The team is divided into four project management divisions and three teams of experts.

Project Management Division
It is responsible for establishing the direct contact with the investor, providing strategic information and support in the project. It holds close relationships with the companies, managing the schedules of investments and complying with the deadlines.

There are three teams of experts at Investe São Paulo advising all project management divisions at the same time:

Environmental experts: promote the direct relationship with the agencies related to the environmental regulations in the State of São Paulo. They are responsible for making preliminary analyzes of properties and guide the investor in the licensing process.

Tax experts: responsible for advising companies wishing to invest in the State of São Paulo with respect to the tax legislation in force.

Infrastructure expert: holds a relationship with utilities of public services, such as gas, electricity, water, among others. It also articulates with the government structures in relation to the project’s infrastructure needs.

Board of Institutional and International Relations (DRII)

It coordinates the relationship of Investe São Paulo with national and international governmental institutions, as well as companies with the potential to invest in the State of São Paulo.

International and Institutional Relations Division (GGRI)
It holds relationships with public and private institutions, such as investment promotion agencies, consulates, chambers of commerce, associations, among others. It is also responsible for assisting the municipalities in attracting business and helping investors, in addition to welcoming international delegations and participating in fairs and events.

Prospection Division
Responsible for identifying new business opportunities for the state of São Paulo. It is present in the events and make the first contact with the companies to offer the free services provided by Investe SP.


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