Businesspeople from Arujá meet Investe SP






São Paulo


Associação Comercial e Empresarial




The manager of Investe São Paulo, Márcia Garcia, represented the agency during the workshop “A solution for each step of your business”, held on Thursday (08/24), at Arujá’s Business and Commercial Association.

The event was a partnership between the State Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation with ACE, Investe SP, Desenvolve SP, Guarulho’s Sebrae-SP, São Paulo State Industries Center (CIESP), National Development Bank (BNDES) and the Industrial Pole Association of Arujá (APIA).

During the event, many businesspeople could understand the way they can be supported by the institutions.

“We have solutions for all the steps in a project: its necessities, definitions, analysis and advice regarding site location, construction works, environmental, infrastructure and tax issues, ramp up and aftercare. And our main communication channels in the city administrations are the development department and trade associations” explained Márcia.

People who also participated of the workshop were Guarulhos’ Secretary of Economic Development, Julio Taikan Yokoyama, the director of  the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber (MEDIACOM), José Roberto Farinelli; the advisor of Investe SP, Laura Barbosa; the technician of BNDES, Ana Paula Bernardino Pashoini; the business advisor of Desenvolve SP, Leonardo Riyo Hirakawa; the president of ACE, João Romão and the president of APIA, Luiz de Oliveira.