Mission to Colombia and Peru


06/13/2016 - 06/17/2016


Bogota and Lima


Cundinamarca (Colômbia) e Lima Province (Peru)


Business roundtables and varied visits




Investe São Paulo opens free registration for companies and startups from São Paulo to win a chance to participate in a trade mission to the cities of Bogota, Colombia, and Lima, Peru, to take place between June 13 to 17, 2016. Entrepreneurs from all sectors can apply until April 14.

As the first initiative of its kind held by the State Government of São Paulo, the mission is promoted through an agreement with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Apex-Brazil, within São Paulo Export Support Program, SP Export.

The mission involves, in each city, one day of business roundtables with potential buyers organized by Investe SP and one day of technical visits and relationship with companies already contacted in the previous day: June 13 and 14 in Bogotá and 16 and 17 in Lima.

The staff of Investe SP will be responsible for identifying contacts, organizing the business roundtables and the trips for the visits in both cities. Thus, the participants will only pay for the ticket, accommodation, food and other recurring expenses of the trip.

The priority will be given to small and medium enterprises whose product scope is more suited to the Colombian and Peruvian markets.

On May 5, Investe SP will also hold, at its headquarters, a work meeting not only with the participants of the mission, but any other entrepreneurs who intend to learn more about the Latin American market, the process of internationalization and how to be successful in international trade. Registration for the May event will be opened soon, with limited opportunities. The idea is to bring strategic information and training on export free of charge.