Innovation, Science and Technology

Given the growing importance of innovation as a decisive factor to creating a differential on the global market, having one of the best research and development structures in the whole of Latin America has enabled the State of São Paulo to attract many companies. The presence of renowned universities that ally quality higher education, internationally recognized research centers and laboratories with distinguished production in several knowledge areas are among the factors that justify this attraction.

According to the State of São Paulo Research Foundation (Fapesp), the São Paulo research and development sector is driven by companies that, in 2010, invested around US$ 7 billion in internal R&D activities. Of the combined total of US$ 2.5 billion invested by all Brazilian states in this sector, in 2010, São Paulo committed nearly US$ 2.2 billion, or 89% of the total. An important portion of these funds comes from Fapesp, whose mission is to promote research, exchange and dissemination of the science and technology produced in São Paulo.

Among the initiatives aiming to stimulate innovation, science and technology in the State, the São Paulo Technological Park System (SPTec), is worthy of note. Managed by the  Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (SDECTI), it was set up to promote economic and technological development in several regions by attracting investment and the creation of new knowledge intensive companies novas.

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