Foreign Trade

The State of São Paulo exported US$ 59 billion in 2012, accounting for 24% of all Brazilian exports. Some 38% of this value was generated by 15 products, namely: sugar (from cane and sucrose), aircraft, automobiles, pure alcohol, boneless beef, orange juice and mobile phone handsets. The data were published by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC).

Of the total number of exports, 20% went to the Mercosul trade block, 16.8% to the EU, 33% to the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi), 13.4% to Asia and 12.% to the USA and Porto Rico (MDIC – 2012).

The state's importance for the global manufactured goods market is also evidenced by the import statistics: 37.5% of externally manufactured goods are purchased by the State of São Paulo. São Paulo accounts for 28.8% of all basic products imported by Brazil. The USA is the main external supplier to the state of São Paulo, representing 17.5% of imports, followed by countries like China (14.8%) and Germany (9.4%) – (MDIC – 2012). Find out more about SP's strategic economic sectors.

Value of São Paulo exports - main products

DescriptionValue (in US$)
Cane sugars (others) 5,142,330,608
Airplanes/Aircraft (heavier than 15,000 kg) 3,402,812,075
Cane, beet and chemical sucrose sugars 2,258,828,232
Consumo de bordo – combustíveis e lubrificantes para aeronaves 1,650,211,925
Ethyl alcohol (above 1% volume) 1,254,851,768
Combustion engine automobiles - up to 6 passengers 1,251,736,545
On-board consumption - fuels and lubricants for ships 1,102,516,499
Boneless beef, frozen 1,011,618,422
Non-fermented orange juice (others) 866,072,232
Fuel–oil 824,876,834
Orange juice, frozen and non-fermented 814,200,087
Caterpillar "bulldozers" and "angledozers" (others) 749,043,099
Soy bean, including meal, except seeds 732,193,974
Levelers (others) 676,041,283
Turbojet aircraft (between 7,000 and 15,000 kg) 664,995,664

Source: MDIC – 2012

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