Farming and Agriculture

Variety and quality define São Paulo's agricultural production. The income generated by the sector in São Paulo accounts for 12% of all agricultural activity in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the Fundação Sistema Estadual de Análise de Dados (State Data Analysis System) (Seade) – (2012).

São Paulo grows 64.6% and 55.4% of Brazil's oranges and sugar cane, respectively. In 2012, the value of these two crops reached US$ 13 billion (IBGE). 

In the livestock segment, São Paulo raises 6% of the total Brazilian herd and produces 5.2% of the nation's milk. Revenues from beef and milk totaled US$ 769 million in 2012 (IBGE).

Poultry farmers in São Paulo breed 20% of Brazil's hens, 16.5% of its roosters, chickens and chicks, as well as accounting for 25% of Brazil's egg production, which adds up to 1.5 million tonnes of chicken meat (IBGE – 2010).

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Gross value added production of agriculture
in the State of São Paulo (in US$ thousands)

ProductsSão PauloBrazilPart. %
Agricultural products19,519,809113,162,37017.25%
Groundnut (in shell) 190,292 225,094 84.54%
Lemon 192,405 283,631 67.84%
Orange 1,523,138 2,356,836 64.63%
Caqui 64,598 108,659 59.45%
Rubber (coagulated latex) 256,254 441,546 58.04%
From-India tea (green leaf) 678 1,205 56.28%
Sugar cane 11,502,839 20,744,111 55.45%
Palm 80,523 173,522 46.41%
Fig 13,529 30,301 44.65%
Animal products6,163,13954,044,15011.40%
Beef 1,658,647 23,881,594 11.33%
Chicken 918,473 12,277,734 13.51%
Eggs (thousand dozen) 1,791,023 7,461,767 24%
Milk (thousand liters)  1,526,096  26,797,462  5.69%

 Source: Instituto de Economia Agrícola (Institute of Agricultural Economics) (IEA) and IBGE – 2012

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