12/06/2017 11h48

Rose plastic’s new packaging plant concentrates operations in Sorocaba

German company enters into a partnership with Investe São Paulo and invests R$ 21 million in a plant that houses the Brazilian unit of the company and production lines for various sectors

Investe São Paulo
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    The factory is settled in Sorocaba

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    It was invested about R$ 21 million on the new plant

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    Investe São Paulo's team visited the factory

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    The company produces plastic packaging for various segments of the industry

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    The director of rose plastic explained the production process and talked about business strategies

Rose plastic started the operations of its new plant in Sorocaba. The project, which received investments amounting to R$ 21 million, brings together in a single place plastic packaging factories for various segments of the industry, as well as the administrative office of the German company in Brazil.

To help the company in the dialogue with public entities and especially in environmental licensing matters, rose plastic is being assisted by Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency of the state of São Paulo. “We know that the plant was built with sufficient space for expansion in the future, and our team is ready to help the company increase its share in the Brazilian market,” said the Agency’s director, Sérgio Costa.

The use of the free services offered by the institution was a recommendation of the staff of the Department of Economic Development, Labor and Income of the city of Sorocaba, which fully supported the expansion project of the company.

The implementation of the new unit is the result of an expansion plan that began in 2015. At the time, rose plastic, which already had tradition and leadership position in the production of plastic packaging for industrial applications in the city, was looking for an alternative to overcome the economic crisis that was affecting the country.  The strategy was to penetrate other segments of the industry, diversifying production.

“Our parent company strongly believes in the recovery of the economy and in the business potential in Brazil. We joined  other segments, manufacturing other types of packaging, such as bottles and lids that require more technology,” said the director general of the plant, Roberto Restivo.

In order not to start from scratch, the executives decided to acquire the assets and portfolio of clients of a company that was already operating in the thermoplastics segment, with a plant in the state capital, applying the European know-how and management methodology to the new machines.

With the increase in the company’s revenues and the market recovery, it was also necessary to expand the operations of rose plastic’s first Brazilian unit in Sorocaba, which was already becoming small for the demand. They expanded the available space with a new shed rented back in 2015, before the construction of the recently opened unit.


“For the consolidation and better recognition of the market, we first expanded the production and then moved to the new plant, built throughout 2017. Over the past two years, we have grown, virtually doubled in size, and now we move to a new place,” says Restivo. The three sheds that were active before covered approximately 800-900 square meters each. The newly opened central unit covers an area of approximately 6,500 square meters, with almost half of the area available for expansion.

 “Brazil is giving a positive response to the crisis and we are feeling an improvement in demand. This is the time to invest, and that’s what the group decided to do,” he concludes. The company expects to expand its operations as early as 2018.


About rose plastic

rose plastic is a world leader in the industry of plastic packaging for industrial applications. Headquartered in Germany, the company develops, produces and sells innovative and customized products. Currently, rose plastic has a global presence with factories in China, United States, India and Brazil, as well as offices in South Korea, Poland, Turkey, England, Spain, France and Italy. Today, it has 850 employees worldwide, and 75 are Brazilians.