10/30/2017 12h06

Pepsico and Investe São Paulo partner up in new investment projects

Investe São Paulo

On Monday, October 9, Investe São Paulo and Pepsico publicly announced a partnership that will enable the investment promotion agency to provide support to several projects of the company in the state.

One of them includes the expansion of the company’s plant in Sorocaba, responsible for the production of cookies, savory snacks, cereal bars and dairy drinks of ELMA CHIPS®, EQLIBRI®, QUAKER®, TODDY® and TODDYNHO® brands.

“We have been working with Pepsico for about four years, both on tax and on infrastructure and environmental licensing matters. Pepsico is one of the most important companies for the sector in the country, so we insist in supporting each of its expansions in the state,” said the director of Investe São Paulo, Sérgio Costa.

Investe SP provides support to projects mainly on tax, infrastructure and environmental licensing matters.