10/30/2017 12h08

Omega Engenharia joins Investe SP’s client portfolio

Investe SP assists company’s project that proposes the implementation of a natural gas thermoelectric power plant in Lins, with installed capacity of 1,800 MW

Investe São Paulo

With the support from Investe São Paulo, Omega Engenharia completed the first phase of the implementation project of the thermoelectric power plant, with installed capacity of 1,800 MW to be implemented in Lins. The support provided by the agency was crucial to the choice of the appropriate project site. It required a location with good access roads, 440 kV transmission lines and access to gas, in addition to the availability of qualified human capital.

“Our team thoroughly analyzed the environmental issues and the logistics infrastructure, also assisting in the dialogue with the local government and in the licensing from CETESB. Omega also took all measures to make sure that the project was not implemented near ecological reserves or indigenous areas,” said the director of business development of Investe SP, Sérgio Costa.

Upon completion of the studies, an area of 26 alqueires was selected, located 10 km from the city center, near the Rural District of Guapiranga. The area is close to the Brazil-Bolivia gas pipeline, known as GASBOL. This will allow the plant to use the raw material from various and alternative sources, either Bolivian or Brazilian gas, consuming more than 6 million cubic meters per day. The energy generated will serve approximately 7% of the demand of the State of São Paulo.

Omega Engenharia entirely designed the project, which will participate in an energy auction promoted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy once its registration is approved. After that, the company also intends to participate in the engineering and development of the plant along with the company that becomes its owner. According to Omega, the project’s main characteristic is the high efficiency performance for power generation, hence reaching 60.5% due to the use of a combined cycle process.


About Omega Engineering

OMEGA Engineering is an enterprise that develops projects mainly in the infrastructure area.  Ever since 2000, it has operated mainly in the electric energy sector, hence having acted upon projects in various Brazilian states and in other countries. It accounts for a wide range of experienced professionals, and is capable of granting solutions that make the implantation of enterprises possible, considering the diverse technical, regulatory and financing aspects, within the characteristic of this sector and in Brazil. For more information, please visit the company’s website.