11/07/2017 11h29

Japanese automotive company lands in Brazil and invests R$ 221 million in a new factory in Sorocaba

N.A.L. Brazil’s project was assisted by Investe São Paulo and will create 300 jobs in the production of automotive headlamps

Investe São Paulo

The works of the first Latin American plant of the Japanese manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment, Koito, have already began. To be set up in Sorocaba, the factory of N.A.L. Brazil, a local subsidiary created by the Japanese company, has been receiving investments that amount to R$ 221 million, and once it is operating at full capacity, it should hire approximately 300 people.

Investe São Paulo, the investment and export promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo has been assisting the project for two years.

“The project was referred to us after an indication made by one of N.A.L.’s clients in Japan. Since then, our team has been assisting the company with a lot of extremely strategic information to enable the company to make its decision on where to implement the factory and which model to adopt,” said the Agency’s director, Sérgio Costa.

After searching for suitable areas in several cities in the region of Sorocaba, the company ended up opting for a shed in the district of Jardim Ibiti do Paço. Thus, with the beginning of the works to adapt the space, the work conducted by Investe SP with N.A.L. Brazil continues. Now, the focus is on the provision of support for environmental licensing, guidance on tax matters, and the dialogue with key public utilities to consolidate the logistics infrastructure of the new factory.

With 20,000 square meters of build area in an area covering 200,000 square meters, the new factory is expected to have capacity to produce 250,000 units per month. The catalog will mainly include automotive headlamps and signal lamps. For the first year of operation, the company will hire 130 employees.


About N.A.L do Brasil

North American Lighting (N.A.L.) Brazil recently landed in the country to provide automotive lighting systems with the century-old technology of the Japanese group Koito.First subsidiary of the corporation in Latin America, N.A.L. do Brasil will sell items produced through high complexity engineering and design, resulting in highly safe and energy-efficient products.


About Koito Group

Founded in 1915, the Koito Group is an international supplier of automotive and electrical lighting equipment, aircraft parts and other related products. Its factories work focused on safety, sustainability and high technology.

The company has shares traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is headquartered in the Japanese capital, where it has four production units. With 13 transnational subsidiaries in North America, Europe and China, it employs nearly 23,000 people today, having recorded 297.7 million yen (approximately R$ 8.38 billion) net sales in the previous fiscal year. For more information, visit http://www.koito.co.jp.