11/07/2017 11h45

Investe SP promotes training with 46 municipalities to attract investments

Representatives participated in an event held at the agency’s headquarters to improve strategies for economic development and retention of productive investments

Investe São Paulo
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    The director of Investe São Paulo, Álvaro Sávio, welcomed the participants

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    87 people representing 46 municipalities of São Paulo attended the event

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    The director of Investe São Paulo, Sérgio Costa, spoke about the importance of the work of local agents in attracting companies

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    Environmental manager, José Pedro Fittipaldi, showed how land assessments are conducted by the agency’s staff

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    Investment analyst, Rafael Rubim, showed the step-by-step work of the project management team

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    Communication analyst, Marina Guimarães, showed how the partnership between the agency and the municipal communication teams brings better results

On Tuesday, October 26, representatives of 46 cities from different regions of the state of São Paulo attended the headquarters of Investe São Paulo for the third edition of the event called “Encontro Investe São Paulo e Municípios Paulistas para Competitividade” (A Meeting between Investe SP and Municipalities of São Paulo Focused on Competitiveness). The event was promoted by Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency of the state of São Paulo, so that mayors, secretaries and municipal leaders could learn the best practices to attract, retain and stimulate productive investments.

“Our team was created to work in partnership with each one of you to make sure that the state economy continues to grow, generating jobs and innovation. It is in the city that every company settles down, and it is with the municipality that it works on the day-to-day. The municipalities are the ones that provide us with large part of the strategic information we offer to investors during the progress of the projects we receive,” said the Agency’s director of Business Development and Institutional Relations, Sérgio Costa.

His speech followed the welcome greeting made by the Director of Administration and Finance of Investe SP, Álvaro Sávio. Costa also explained some basic strategies for serving a potential investor and attracting ventures, including suggestions prepared by the World Bank through the Global Investment Promotion Best Practices (GIPB).

“One of the rules to follow is to keep up-to-date information on the main economic sectors of the municipality and the region. This makes it easier to show to a potential investor the benefits of setting up a project on the location,” said Sérgio Costa. His presentation also included information on the export support program carried out by the Agency in partnership with Apex-Brasil, called Peiex.

Then, Investe SP’s project management team showed in detail how Investe São Paulo and the municipalities can work together to better assist businesses. One of the highlights was the introduction of the Area of Municipalities, a tool created by the Agency within its website so that each city can register information, areas and warehouses available for investments.

From its launch in 2016 to date, 307 municipalities have registered 972 areas with potential for productive investments, facilitating the access to this information by the technicians of Investe São Paulo. With this information in hands, the project assistants are able to offer more options for investors to choose a location that is advantageous for their needs, regardless of whether they are human capital, logistics or infrastructure.

Other presentations also addressed topics such as tax incentives, aspects that make warehouses and areas profitable for investors, long-term relationship with the company, confidentiality, press relations, etc.

Check out the municipalities that attended the event: