11/21/2017 12h22

Investe São Paulo welcomed representatives of Abu Dhabi’s Food Security Center

Agency’s director shows the agricultural potential of the state and joint business opportunities

Investe São Paulo
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Delegation will visit several cities in the state of São Paulo

On October 30, Investe São Paulo welcomed the representatives of the business mission of Abu Dhabi’s Food Security Center, with entrepreneurs and ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates in Brazil, to introduce the investment opportunities offered by the state of São Paulo in the agribusiness and food sectors. The entrepreneurs had already discussed the same subject with the minister of agriculture, Blairo Maggi.

The mission of Abu Dhabi’s Food Security Center to Brazil began on October 22, and should end on November 2. From October 28 to November 1 the delegation traveled across the city of São Paulo and also visited cities in the state of São Paulo.

 The Agency’s director, Sérgio Costa, highlighted the work developed by Investe SP for the promotion of exports and the internationalization of companies. He showed a panorama of São Paulo as the leader of agribusiness in Brazil and the importance of the state’s food industry. “São Paulo has a very diversified economy. It produces everything from primary commodities, such as orange and sugarcane, to products with highly technological content, with an extremely strong food industry. The commodities come from São Paulo and from all over the country and are prepared for consumption here or in other countries,” he said.

This was not the first time that representatives of Investe SP and businesses from the United Arab Emirates met. In 2016, Sérgio Costa went to the region on a trade mission and participated in meetings with sovereign wealth funds and investment agencies from 40 countries. The results were quite positive, especially in the health, food and services segments in São Paulo. There should be at least US$ 5 billion for the purchase of products from São Paulo and incentives for companies from São Paulo to set up representations in the Emirates.