03/15/2016 14h05

Hyundai begins exporting HB20 from São Paulo plant

Valor International

Three years after inaugurating its plant in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Hyundai has started to export compact model HB20. The first market is Paraguay, where the carmaker already has 600 orders for crossover version HB20X. Launched in September 2012, the HB20 has quickly become a best seller and now occupies the second position in Brazil's market. Hyundai even had to begin a third shift in order to meet demand. The Korean carmaker hasn't escaped unscathed the current lull in Brazilian sales. It reported a drop of 8.9% in the three versions of HB20 last year, to 163,700 units, from an overall decline of 25.6% in car sales. The Piracicaba plant has capacity for 180,000 units a year, leading Hyundai to begin searching for new markets.