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Blockchain Revolution: SP-Canada Connection for Inclusion and Prosperity

Don Tapscott, one of today’s top management thinkers, gives a presentation about the “internet of value and its contribution to changing the world”; other companies such as Intel, IBM and Microsoft will also participate in the initiative

Investe São Paulo

On August 23, the Department of Economic Development, Science Technology and Innovation (SDECTI) will host an event that will bring together important companies and thinkers to discuss the Internet of value and its impact on the technological changes in the world.

The event, themed “Blockchain Revolution: SP-Canada Connection for Inclusion and Prosperity,” promoted by the department in partnership with Investe SP, Blockchain Research Institute and the Canadian Consulate, will feature thematic panels and a presentation by Don Tapscott, a Canadian writer and researcher, specializing in corporate strategy and organizational transformation, considered one of today’s most important thinkers and author of the book Blockchain Revolution, a bestseller published by Senai-SP Editora. The initiative will be broadcast online in Portuguese on the Youtube channel of SDECTI and in English, on Investe SP’s channel.

A word not yet widely used, Blockchain, will be responsible for the major post-internet revolution, with technological changes that will affect people's lives, business and financial relationships. According to Tapscott, the great novelty behind bitcoin is already changing money, business and the world. In his presentation, he will show that in the new system trust is established by collaboration, encryption, and smart codes, more reliable than all digital security protocols ever used.

In addition to security, agility and low transaction costs, the new technology is inclusive. According to Tapscott, the financial market may include billions of people who are currently not assisted by the banks due to the processing costs of small amounts. For corporations and governments, Blockchain’s open and public accounting represent greater reliability and thus improve the relationship with investors, customers and citizens.

 The meeting will also feature thematic panels, where Technology leaders, Intel, Microsoft, and IBM will introduce the novelties and actions aimed at the “internet of value.”  Another topic addressed will be how this new system is employed in the government.  On this occasion, the participants will be able to get to know the new Game “Terra da Sabedoria” [in English, “Land of Wisdom”], developed by the Creative Economy Sector of SDECTI, proposing the use of the cryptocurrency system in public policies aimed at economic and social inclusion.

About Don Tapscott

CEO of the Tapscott Group, the researcher is a curator of the World Economic Forum and bestselling author of Wikinomics, The Digital Economy, and a dozen other acclaimed books about technology, business and society. According to Thinkers50, Don is the 4th most influential management thinker in the world.

More about Blockchain

Blockchain, literally a chain of blocks, is a data structure that organizes financial transactions or their records through the internet.

The technology allows information to be distributed but not copied, as it occurs in traditional online financial transactions, and shared simultaneously by a computer network that digitally signs each transaction and ensures that it can never be tampered with.

Each computer connected to the network (called node) has the task of validating and forwarding the transactions and thus receives a copy of everything that has already been registered on the other nodes. Each group of nodes becomes a block - and each entering block receives the same complete information already registered by the older ones.

Some thinkers refer to blockchains as large public ledger, which can be used for transactions that are not only financial or involve cryptocurrency, but all kinds of data relevant to today’s society.

Learn more about the subject in the presentation of Don Tapscottin the TED Talks:  “How the blockchain is changing money and the business world.”



9 am - Opening

9:15 am – Blockchain Revolution – Don Tapscott

10:30 am - Panel 1: Blockchain’s Impact on Economic Development and Social Inclusion

         - Percival Lucena, IMB’s Blockchain researcher

         - Ana Varandas – Intel’s Government and Education Account Manager

- Gustavo T. Paro – Executive of Business Solutions and Development for the Industry of Financial Services and Insurance of Microsoft

         Moderator: Carl Amorim – Executive Representative of Blockchain Research Institute – BRI

11:15 am - Panel 02: “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Public Policies”

- Nathan Wosnack – CEO of Ubitquity

         - Rafael Rosado – CEO of Ecoopower

- Fabro Steibel – Institute of Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro - ITS Rio

- Egídio Guerra – CEO of Eco Digital and Director of Terra da Sabedoria.  

         Moderator: Fernando Lobo - Coordination of Information and Communications Technology - CTIC Sub-secretariat of Strategic Actions / Government Department