Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex)

Are you interested in exporting and need support from São Paulo? Have you ever thought about being advised by foreign trade specialists? In the Industrial Export Extension Project (PEIEX), you will receive support funded by Investe SP and Apex-Brazil to start or increase your exports.

Investe São Paulo leads one of the operating units of PEIEX and seeks to propose strategies of operation in different functional areas of the companies in order to promote improvements to their products, services, processes and management. With this, we intend to expand the range of companies from São Paulo able to compete for an opportunity in the foreign market.

Companies interested in participating in the project must request a visit from our technical team through PEIEX website [email protected]. Companies that have the profile and potential to export will be selected to receive our support. Our technical experts will visit the companies selected so that their operations undergo a diagnosis of their weak spots, recommending improvements that can be implemented and offering advice in the following areas:

In return, the entrepreneur must be available for the verification of the existing procedures and controls in all areas of the company and for interviews with the technical team of Investe SP. In addition, it is important to motivate the workforce and participate in the training meetings seeking to improve the management of products and processes.  

More about PEIEX

The purpose of the Industrial Export Extension Project (PEIEX) is to stimulate competitiveness and promote the exporting culture within the companies, qualifying and expanding the markets to new industries or those already active in foreign trade.

The actions promoted by PEIEX are developed in regions with large concentration of businesses and range from the implementation of management solutions, which exclusively depend on the entrepreneur, and the available funds of the company, to the provision of technical information and support to access the markets, which are processes external to the company.

The program is part of the industrial policy promoted by the federal government called Plano Brasil Maior, developed to strengthen the Brazilian industry and stimulate technological innovation and foreign trade. At the federal level, PEIEX is managed by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil). In the state of São Paulo, Investe SP leads one of its operating units.

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