06/29/2017 15h36

Univesp opens admission process for 10 thousand student places in four free online high standards courses

The biggest offer of student places in the history of São Paulo public universities is an initiative of the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state São Paulo. Enrollment is available until July 10th for Producti

Investe São Paulo

The entrance exams registration for UNIVESP´s free online courses is open. As an initiative of the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of São Paulo, 10 thousand spots were created for: Production Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics and Education Science courses. It is the biggest offer for graduate courses in São Paulo universities ever registered. The registration for the exam  ends in July 10th and must be done through the website univesp.br.

There is no age limit and the fee is R$48,00. Those are free courses, and students count with permanent tutor assistance provided, with UNIVESP orientation. The tests will be taken in person in hubs located in different cities coveringall São Paulo state territory. In total, the institution will count with 60 cities hubs, the majority of them created in association with local governments.

Márcio França, vice-governor and secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of São Paulo state witch UNIVESP is linked to

comment that the governor, Geraldo Alckmin, guidelines are to amplify number of students in other courses as well. “It’s the first step towards the spread of students’ places in other courses and also to help people that live in regions with no universities to study  at an institution   that is partner with one of the best universities of the world[LMB1]  

The vice governor also mentions that in 2018 there will be a Public Administration course. The initiative has the support of Investe São Pauloin its initiatives that pursue the development of competitiveness in the state.

Professor Maria Alice Carraturi, president of Univesp, explains that the the institution, in partnershipwith other São Paulo state Public Universities (USP, UNESP, UNICAMP and Centro Paulo de Souza) offers high quality courses to the students. “The EAD has the ability to quickly answer the society demand in constant transformation”, she declares.



Univesp – Universidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo is an institution entirely dedicated to online education. Created in 2012 as the fourth state university in Sao Paulo, it is aninstitution funded by the São Paulo State Government, and linked to the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, with the accreditation as university by the State Education Council and by MEC – Ministry of Education and Culture for online courses. The first entrance examination was held in 2014 with 3.330 student places for Computer Engineering, Production Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses. In 2016, it was held a new selection process with 918 spots for a second class of the Engineering courses. Nowadays, besides these six graduating courses, it also offers master degrees.

 [LMB1]Tem certeza que é do mundo e não da América Latina?