08/30/2016 15h09

Thermal power plant will generate technological progress, income and jobs in Lins

Investment of R$ 3.1 billion had feasibility study assisted by Investe SP

Investe São Paulo

The city of Lins, 430 km from the capital of São Paulo, will experience an outbreak of technological development and increase in income, in addition to creating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs with the implementation of a thermal power plant with installed capacity of up to 1,500 megawatts, which is the result of an investment of approximately R$ 3.1 billion.

The feasibility of the project was confirmed by specific studies that relied on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment and export promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of São Paulo.

Investe São Paulo assisted the private study of the project in the following aspects: Site location – identification of cities with transmission lines (440 kV) and gas supply in the region; Environmental Advice – Preliminary assessment of areas and support in the licensing process along with Cetesb and Ibama and 3-) Infrastructure Advice – Preliminary assessment of areas and mapping of the gas, logistics and energy infrastructure network.

From the options surveyed by Investe SP, the area chosen was indicated by the Municipality of Lins in the beginning of April 2016. The visit to the area took place on April 19 this year by experts from a private company, accompanied by the team of Investe Sao Paulo. The municipal administration of Lins demonstrated interest in supporting the project and mentioned the feasibility of the assignment of the area through Law 4987/2007.


The feasibility of the project was confirmed through the strategic location of the city of Lins, which offered the assignment of an area of 26 acres 10 km from the city center, near the Rural District of Guapiranga. The area is near the Brazil-Bolivia Pipeline, thus allowing the use of raw materials to be benefited in the thermal power plant, which will have a consumption exceeding 6 million cubic meters of gas/day. The energy generated will serve approximately 7% of the demand of the State of São Paulo.

The president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, highlighted that Lins, in addition to the proximity to the pipeline, can be accessed through Highway SP-381 and is next to BR-153, Transbrasiliana, another strategic advantage. “Our concern is always to ensure investments that bring quality of life to the State, following the guidance of Governor Geraldo Alckmin and deputy governor Márcio França. This thermal power plant will ensure energy autonomy for the region, helping to attract further investments, which will generate new jobs and income,” said Quirós.

For the Secretary of Development and Institutional Relations of Lins, Israel Antonio Alfonso, the thermal power plant will bring technological advances to the City, with the possibility of opening new courses in the three universities located in the city, as well as increment the activities in the municipalized Cargo Airport: “Lins has 80,000 inhabitants, Fatec, Etec and Senai (vocational schools). We are certain that the city’s quality education and human capital were also important to attract the investment, which relied on the essential support provided by Investe SP,” he celebrated.

The secretary also estimates an increase in income and in the quality of life of the population with the thermal power plant, whose project will now undergo the approval of environmental agencies. The next step will be participation in the energy auction held by EPE/ANEEL. “We have been supporting this study for months and kept it secret due to the strategic aspects and commitments signed in this sense,” said Israel Alfonso: “We are very excited with the improvements for the future of our city and region,” he concluded.