12/06/2017 11h45

Startup creates solar condominium in Franca and offers lots with cheaper electricity bills

Newsun’s Project offers the concession of blocks of energy credits to be deducted from the electricity bill with the photovoltaic power plant

Investe São Paulo

The newly created startup NewSun Energy Brazil is implementing a photovoltaic power plant in Franca, which can be used to produce clean and renewable energy for any type of consumer – including small businesses and individuals. This is the first time that this type of business is established in Brazil.

The project, which relies on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency of the state of São Paulo, consists of the creation of a solar condominium where customers can buy one or more energy lots, which are in fact fractions of the total produced by the plant. The electricity generated by these lots enters the existing network of the electric utility of the region (in this case, CPFL) and turns into credits that can be used to deduct the electricity bill over 30 years.

According to the CEO of the company, Fernando Berteli, the main advantage for those joining this energy consumption model is predictability. “The electricity bill tends to increase every year at rates higher than inflation. But those who join our solar condominium, virtually freezes the value of the bill for the next 30 years,” he explains.

At NewSun, customers can purchase as many lots as they wish, according to their needs, financing the amount throughout the concession period. “And the most incredible thing is that customers are free to sell their lot if they need to leave the country or for any other reason. We are bringing shared economy and consumer empowerment to the energy industry as well,” says Berteli.

He also emphasizes the safety of the investment, since NewSun will be the owner of the plant and responsible for all its maintenance, offering a complete insurance throughout the lifetime of the lot purchased. In addition, the credits generated in the condominium can be used to deduct the electricity bills of any account linked to the owner, whether it is individual or corporate account.

Investe SP has been assisting the startup mainly in the dialogue with public agencies and funding entities. “It is part of our mission to stimulate sustainable development in the state of São Paulo, and the generation of photovoltaic energy is an mandatory path in this direction,” said the Agency’s director, Sérgio Costa.

One of the factors that enabled the creation of the project by NewSun was a resolution published by the Environmental Department of the State in August this year facilitating the environmental licensing for power generation projects of less than 5MW. With the new rule, NewSun’s project joins the Simplified Environmental Study (EAS), which only requires authorization for the removal of native vegetation or for the installation in watershed protection areas when necessary.

“The resolution was published thanks to an extensive study that featured a very important participation of our team. After all, this was already a demand from other clean energy generation companies that we assist,” said the director of Investe São Paulo.

“This type of initiative makes the state of São Paulo increasingly surprising and innovative. We encourage investments that are deemed decisive for the future of the country,” said the Vice-Governor and State Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, Márcio França.

NewSun has already started building the solar condominium in Franca, and has lots available for purchase. This is the first of a series of similar projects to be installed in São Paulo in the future – there are already negotiations in concession areas of Eletropaulo, near the state capital, and in areas of Elektro, in the southwest region of the state.

In the long run, the company also intends to formalize partnerships with municipal governments, providing renewable energy at lower costs for the low-income population and the government.


About Newsun

Newsun is a startup created in 2017 through a joint venture between two experienced photovoltaic energy companies that had the dream of democratizing the access to this type of energy in a safe and profitable way. That’s where the idea of building a solar condominium came from.

With a vision totally focused on stimulating a sustainable economic development, the company has been looking for partnerships with educational institutions to raise awareness on the subject. Its executives have also decided to donate a percentage of the revenues of the first plant to be built in Franca.

For more information, please visit www.newsun.energy.