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SDECTI launches website for the municipalities in São Paulo

The website www.plataformadosmunicipios.com.br will offer the platforms Pró Municípios and E-Muove; The intention is to provide assistance and various technologies aimed at supporting, planning and managing the public policies of the cities

Investe São Paulo
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    Fernando Landgraf, President of the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) presented the project and emphasized the capacity to improve the administration of municipalities

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    Rodolfo Fiori, managing director of Muove Brasil, explained the company’s role in the development of solutions focused on solving the problems faced by the municipalities

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    Vice Governor of the state of São Paulo, Márcio França, showed the importance of this partnership to make available to the municipalities the best the state has to offer

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    Platform aims to help public administrators to maximize tax revenues, optimize expenses and qualify the implementation of public policies

On Tuesday, February 6, the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (SDECTI) launched, in its headquarters in the city of São Paulo, a website with two platforms:“Pró Municípios” developed by the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) and “E-Muove”, a partnership between Investe SP and Muove Brasil.The systems will be available at www.plataformadosmunicipios.com.br, offering information, indicators, services and various technologies aimed at providing support, planning and the management of public policies of the cities.

According to the vice governor and secretary of SDECTI, Márcio França, the platforms will be great allies in the process of socioeconomic development of the cities."Conducting the administration of the cities with scarce resources is not a simple task.Our goal is to provide public administrators with the necessary support to ensure that they make decisions that contribute to the public policies, and thereby improve the quality of life of the population.The new website will also provide information, technical support and training for the development of successful actions,” he points out.

In this first phase, SDECTI entered into an agreement with the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) for the provision of services, through Pró Municípios, to a pilot group of 100 cities.The innovative tool seeks to get closer to municipal administrators in an uncomplicated manner, qualifying staff and supporting initiatives that involve planning, management and public policies.According to the individuals in charge of the operation of the platform’s activities, Tatiana Mestres and Luiz Carlos Tanno, the municipalities face some difficulties in solving technical issues of everyday life, such as the lack of skilled workforce in operations such as the preparation of procurement notices and bidding, or in the resolution of structural, environmental and other contingencies.

Among the services offered is the icon “Contact an Expert,” where each Municipality will be able to have their technical questions answered and seek guidance.The query will be initiated by the municipal administrator and other users recommended by the Platform.The queries for technological support will be assisted by IPT researchers.The collection of technical information sent in the form of queries can be accessed by the user joining the system.

Pró Municípios also offers the option “Courses” with subjects related to engineering and technology in public administration.Another initiative of the platform will be to provide technical reports and publications.The municipalities will be able to access the technological content of the manuals and publications produced by IPT, as well as electronic copies of the technical reports issued by the Institute over the past 10 years to municipalities or other entities (state or federal).

In partnership with Investe São Paulo, E-Muove will be offered to the 645 municipalities of São Paulo, free of charge, within a year. The platform developed by Muove Brasil is an intelligence tool that assists public administrators and technicians in promoting a sustainable economic development of their cities.By combining the knowledge of public administration experts and the high technology in data analysis, the platform helps public administrators maximize tax revenues, optimize expenses, and qualify the implementation of public policies.The system also allows users to have access to several information that will help them identify inefficiencies related to education, health and public finance, as well as institutional and demographic indicators.

To join the platform, the municipality must complete the registration and access form.Representatives of Muove will be responsible for providing training to the municipal administrators.

About IPT

IPT is an institute associated with SDECTI that has been collaborating to the country’s development process for over a century.As one of the largest research institutes in Brazil, IPT has laboratories and a team of highly qualified researchers and technicians, operating in four main areas: innovation, research and development; technological services; metrological development and support; and information and education in technology.

Muove Brasil

Muove Brasil is a social business that aims at developing solutions focused on solving problems faced by the Brazilian municipalities.The solutions help in the decision-making of local players such as public administrators, society, companies, investors and social organizations.Muove offers scalable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that have a real impact on people’s quality of life.