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Investe SP shows the state potential to Argentine entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires

In the 4th Business Forum, promoted by Lide, Juan Quirós presented the growth strategy of Alckmin’s Administration

Investe São Paulo
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    The trip to Argentina is another action promoted to strengthen the relations with South American countries. Recently, Investe SP promoted a mission to Colombia and Peru

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     “We will build even stronger relationships with advantages to those want to do good business and create jobs in both countries,” said Quirós

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    The event held in Buenos Aires was attended by Argentine entrepreneurs from various segments

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    The president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, talked about the business opportunities to strengthen the business relationship between Buenos Aires and São Paulo

The president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, presented the potentials of the state of São Paulo to dozens of major Argentine entrepreneurs during the 4th Business Forum in Buenos Aires, organized by Lide Argentina, on August 4, at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. The Agency seeks to increase the trade relations between the two countries, since Argentina is the second trading partner of the state of São Paulo (after the US) and the third of Brazil.

Juan Quirós showed the progress in infrastructure accomplished through public-private partnerships; innovations in health; the favorable business environment; the increasing quality of human capital, as a result of the training programs and the public universities. He also disclosed the new investments and the state’s ability to overcome difficulties due to the successful administration of Geraldo Alckmin.

The president of Investe SP told the audience – which represented the most booming sectors of the Argentine economy – that the state of São Paulo and Brazil are already experiencing a new economic scenario and that the resumption of growth has begun. Therefore, everyone should be alert to new opportunities. “The business environment is more favorable now and we will build even stronger relationships with advantages to those who want to do good business and create jobs in both countries,” said Quirós, noting that this is the governor’s advice.

Juan Quirós spoke on the panel “Business and Investments in the region: Do we have to wait until 2017?”, after the explanation of Juan Procaccini, president of Argentina’s Investment & Trade Promotion Agency.

In addition to showing all the strengths of the state of São Paulo, Quirós showed the process of beginning the recovery of the Brazilian growth, emphasizing “that the crisis faced was much more political than economic, as emphasized by the vice governor and secretary of Economic Development , Science, Technology and Innovation, Márcio França.”

Arcor Group

Also in Buenos Aires, Juan Quirós met with the President of Arcor Group, Luis Pagani, the biggest entrepreneur in the food sector in Argentina, with over 35 plants in Latin America, with more than 20 in Brazil. Arcor is present in 120 countries on five continents. Pagani is also president of the Association of Companies of Argentina.

The meeting took place at the company’s headquarters, in the center of Buenos Aires. Quirós explained the economic situation in Brazil and the investment pace that, despite the difficulties, has remained within the state of São Paulo. Pagani showed interest and asked to schedule a meeting with Governor Geraldo Alckmin to talk about the investment plans of his company in the state.

New partnerships

The event was opened by Rodolfo Felipe, president of Lide Argentina, followed by the presentations of Orlando Ferreres, president of the Lide Economy.

The CEO of Volkswagen Argentina, Pablo De Si, Procaccini and Quirós, after their presentations, answered questions from the audience and showed alternatives to increase the trade between the two countries.

Then, the audience had the opportunity to watch experts discuss the subject “Where is the world headed”, by Fulvio Pompeo, secretary of Strategic Affairs of La Nación; Roberto Bouzas, academic director of the University of San Andrés and Jorge Castro, president of the Institute of Strategic Planning.

Paulo Rabello, president of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) wowed the audience when he spoke about the challenges that Brazil and Argentina should face to expand partnerships and become more competitive. The event ended with the award ceremony of Lide Economy Award “Thomas Bulat”.