05/23/2016 11h47

Investe SP prepares companies for mission in Colombia and Peru

President Juan Quirós says exports will generate jobs and income in the state of São Paulo

Investe São Paulo
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The workshop brought information about the internationalization of products, how to introduce the company to potential buyers and the market in Latin America

On May 6, more than 70 companies attended the preparatory event for the Colombia/Peru business mission organized by Investe São Paulo for the period from June 13 to 17, when the products from São Paulo will be inserted into new markets.

The initiative, which is part of the SP Export program, held through an agreement with Apex-Brazil, was explained to entrepreneurs from São Paulo, at the headquarters of Investe SP, by the president of the agency, Juan Quirós, who welcomed the participants of the mission.

The presentation was part of the workshop on how to prepare for international trade missions not only for those who will participate in the mission, but to anyone interested in the subject. The schedule included presentations on internationalization, opportunities in South America and the good practices in the dialogue with potential buyers.

“The governor Geraldo Alckmin made it clear to us that exports are the solution to help the country at this time. Our work has many fronts and one of them is represented by the missions to sell products from São Paulo in new markets. We have been to Dubai recently and now we will make a solid work in the promising market of Latin America. You will surely expand your business horizons and our goal is for the companies to grow and generate more jobs and income for the state of São Paulo,” said Juan Quirós.

The resumption of the country’s growth is directly related to the increase in exports, said Juan Quirós to the entrepreneurs who signed up for the Colombia/Peru mission.

Everyone received technical guidance from the experts of Investe São Paulo with experience in Apex-Brazil and that now integrate the SP Export Program. They were also informed about all the agency’s initiatives for the promotion of exports. “The vice governor Márcio França always remind that Brazilian entrepreneurs that do not export yet sell to only 3% of the global market and that they can sell to the remaining 97% if they participate in the export effort,” said Quirós.

The selection process of companies that will participate in the mission is already underway.

About SP Export

Coordinated by Investe São Paulo and created by the Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology and Innovation, São Paulo Export Support Program – SP Export – seeks to increase the volume of exports from São Paulo, encourage the exporting culture in its business community and help state companies find foreign markets for their products and services.

The initiative relies on the support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), as part of the National Exporting Culture Plan (PNCE), through an agreement.

The program includes missions of Brazilian companies for prospecting international markets, support to the arrival of potential buyers and foreign exporters, training seminars, in addition to the service provided free of charge through the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex), of Apex-Brazil, and Poupatempo do Exportador, an itinerant initiative that brings information from different institutions to the main metropolitan areas of the state.