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Investe SP helps internationalize hundreds of entrepreneurs from the region of Sorocaba with Poupatempo Exportador

Second edition of SP Export brings training seminars and free consultations to support internationalization; By noon, over 200 companies had been assisted

Investe São Paulo
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    The president of Investe SP thanked Apex-Brazil, all partners and the mayor of Sorocaba for their mobilization in the event

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    This was an event of great importance for Sorocaba, which has a great potential for exports

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    The secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, Márcio França, emphasized that the foreign market must be gradually approached

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    The event was held in Sorocaba Technology Park

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    The president of Investe São Paulo was able to meet a few companies settled in Sorocaba Technology Park

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    The consultations were conducted through a pre-scheduled appointment for the convenience of participants

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    Entrepreneurs were able to obtain important information to begin the process of internationalization

Shortly after noon on March 8, Investe São Paulo had registered the participation of more than 200 entrepreneurs at Poupatempo Exportador (a public service intended to provide streamlined support to exporters) installed in the 2nd SP Export, held at Sorocaba Technology Park, to assist the entire region.

“I would like to thank Apex-Brazil, all partners and the mayor of Sorocaba for the mobilization in this event,” said the president of Investe SP, Juan Quirós, during the opening to more than 300 people.

Entirely free of charge, the action basically consisted of two fronts: The SP Export Seminar, with the opening ceremony followed by short talks with important instructions to help companies in the region to internationalize, and Poupatempo do Exportador, which concentrated, in the same space, the possibility of being assisted by various companies and institutions essential in this process.

“The state of São Paulo is bringing alternatives for companies to overcome their difficulties. And the government stability gives opportunities for investments and exports,” said the vice governor and secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo, Márcio França.

The mayor of Sorocaba, Antonio Carlos Pannunzio, complimented the program. “Poupatempo do Exportador will help the region to export more,” he said. The federal representative Vitor Lippi and the state representative Carlos Cezar also congratulated the initiative for attracting new exporters.

The initiative is part of the program to support exports from São Paulo, SP Export, launched in October by the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation and made possible through an agreement between Investe SP and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil). It is intended to help small, medium and large companies to develop new business, increase competitiveness and create jobs and income through exports.

“The internationalization of enterprises is a major driver of innovation and business development. Spreading this culture and training entrepreneurs across the state of São Paulo is a challenge that was accepted by Investe SP, which relies on a highly qualified technical team and has the ability to integrate different institutions towards the same goal,” said Quirós.

“Apex-Brazil has been increasingly investing in the training of micro, small and medium enterprises about exports and the agreement with Investe SP includes actions that will efficiently reach the business community in São Paulo, such as Poupatempo do Exportador,” said David Barioni Neto, president of Apex-Brazil.

The event relies on a partnership with the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC); Municipality of Sorocaba; Inova Sorocaba; Sorocaba Technology Park; Sebrae-SP; Fiesp/Ciesp; Institute of Technological Research (IPT); Desenvolve SP; Brazilian Council of Exporters and Importers Trading Enterprises (CECIEX); Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries (ABIEC); Brazilian Association of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry (ABIHEPEC); Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Association (ABIMAQ); Brazilian Association of Industries of Medical, Dental, Hospital and Laboratory Equipment (ABIMO); Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (ABIT).

SP Export Seminar and Poupatempo do Exportador

After the opening ceremony, there were short talks that were repeated throughout the day. The topics were:

• Internationalization step-by-step;
• How to develop an export business plan;
• Through which market should we start?
The consultation areas of Poupatempo do Exportador included:
• Training (Investe SP, Sebrae, Correios, Ceciex, Ciesp);
• Financing (Desenvolve SP);
• Product Adequacy (IPT, Sebraetec, Fundepag);
• Business Intelligence Studies (Investe SP, Apex-Brazil, Fiesp/Ciesp).

About SP Export

Coordinated by Investe São Paulo and created by the Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology and Innovation, São Paulo Export Support Program – SP Export – seeks to increase the volume of exports from São Paulo, encourage the exporting culture in its business community and help state companies find foreign markets for their products and services.

SP Export is carried out through a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil) and integrates the National Exporting Culture Plan (PNCE), in accordance with an agreement signed in late 2015.

The program includes missions of Brazilian companies for prospecting international markets, support to the arrival of potential buyers and foreign exporters and training seminars, in addition to the service provided free of charge through the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex), of Apex-Brazil, and Poupatempo do Exportador, an itinerant initiative that brings information from different institutions to the main metropolitan areas of the state.