12/22/2016 12h46

Investe SP encourages companies from São Paulo to export to the United States

Strategy is to use the office of Apex-Brazil in Miami to explore new markets

Investe São Paulo

Companies from São Paulo will be able to use the offices of Apex-Brazil in Miami, United States (USA), to explore markets for their products in North America. A commitment was signed by the president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós, after meetings and visits to US offices this week, accompanied by the agency’s Export Manager, Ricardo Santana.

Companies registered in the SP Export Program promoted by Investe SP and the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex) are allowed to participate. Companies must be selected and indicated by Investe SP, which has an agreement with Apex-Brazil. The strategy is to facilitate the access to potential buyers of products from São Paulo through the office of Apex-Brazil, which has extensive experience in exports.

With this initiative, Investe São Paulo seeks to expand the markets for companies from São Paulo, in the same way it was planned for the United Arab Emirates, where companies are able to access the markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. There, the agreement signed by Investe Sao Paulo includes the use of the distribution centers in the Porto of Dubai.

“At a cost of US$300 per month, companies from São Paulo are able to open their bases in the United States and thus negotiate with the buyers of the largest consumer market on the planet”, said Juan Quirós, noting that the initiative complies with the determination of the governor Geraldo Alckmin and vice-governor Márcio França to stimulate exports to enable small and medium enterprises to create more jobs and income.