11/03/2016 16h15

Investe SP and Invest Argentina enter into agreement to stimulate business and create jobs

Cooperation agreement was signed in Buenos Aires during the 21st International Meeting promoted by the Business Leaders Group – Lide

Investe São Paulo
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Agreement signed between Juan Quirós and Lorena Triaca aims to promote exchange of knowledge and foster economic activities

On October 14, Investe São Paulo and Invest Argentina signed, in Buenos Aires, an economic and trade cooperation agreement between Argentina and the state of São Paulo, which includes the promotion of business, exchange of knowledge and numerous actions to intensify the relations between Argentina and São Paulo. The agreement was formalized during the 21st International Meeting promoted by the Business Leaders Group – Lide, at Hotel Alvear.

The document was signed by the president of Investe SP, Juan Quirós, and Lorena Triaca, director of Legal Affairs of Invest Argentina, representing the president of the Argentine agency, Juan Procaccini.

With regard to the exchange of knowledge, the agreement includes publications addressing the respective markets; information regarding the regulatory framework of both countries on trade and investment; content available in libraries and own databases and those from others markets of common interest.

In relation to business, trade missions will be promoted, including business roundtables and business visits and the organization of seminars with the participation of experts. São Paulo and Argentina will also coordinate joint work programs. The agreement does not represent financial charges and should be valid for three years, with automatic renewal.

According to Juan Quirós, the initiative will generate new business between São Paulo and Argentina, with the increase of foreign trade and the consequent creation of jobs. “We are complying with the determination of governor Geraldo Alckmin and the secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, vice-governor Márcio França, which is to create jobs and stimulate small and medium enterprises from São Paulo,” he celebrated.

Quirós also took the opportunity to disclose the trade mission promoted by Investe São Paulo from November 2 to 4, taking more than 50 entrepreneurs from São Paulo to generate business with Argentine companies. More information about this action available here.

Relevant topics for the two countries were discussed at the event, including the investment opportunities in the state of São Paulo.

The panel “The New Face of South America” featured a contribution of the Brazilian economist, diplomat and social scientist, Marcos Troyjo; Orlando Ferreres, economist and president of Lide Economia Argentina and Pérsio Arida, Chairman of BTG Pactual. The moderator was Luiz Fernando Furlan, chairman of Lide.

The panel “The Integration Between Brazil and Argentina in the Context of Mercosur” was debated by: Fernando Furlan, executive secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services; Luis Pagani, president of Arcor Group; and Roberto Giannetti da Fonseca, economist and vice-chairman of Lide, hosted by João Carlos Braga, president of Whirlpool Latin America.


The event was attended by: Alfonso Prat-Gay, minister of Economy and Finance of Argentina; Gustavo Santos, minister of Tourism of Argentina; Eliseu Padilha, Chief of Staff of Brazil; Andrés Boehringer, secretary of Productive Integration of the Ministry of Production of Argentina; Gabriel Castelli, secretary of Coordination and Monitoring of the Institutional Ministries of Social Development of Argentina; Fernando Furlan, executive secretary of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade of Brazil; Sergio Danese, ambassador of Brazil to Argentina; Marconi Perillo, governor of Goiás; Martha Luna, Argentine senator; Ana Amélia Lemos, Brazilian senator; José Aníbal, senator in Brazil; Elisa Carrió, Argentine deputy; Herculano Passos and Pedro Vilella, Brazilian federal deputies; Luiz Fernando Furlan, chairman of Lide; Rodolfo Felipe, president of Lide Argentina, and Gustavo Ene, CEO of Lide.